Contents Page This Glossary of Middle-earth is for readers of
The Hobbit,   The Lord of The Rings,
The Silmarillion

Unfinished Tales of Númenor & Middle-earth

Including listings, tables & articles on topics of likely interest or confusion.
For ease of reference there is an approximate division between Middle-earth in the Third Age
-  for The Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit  -
and Middle-earth in the previous Ages -  for The Silmarillion.
The division is indicated in the Table of Contents and page-top Menu.
Details from Unfinished Tales are included where most appropriate.
Table of Contents

Tables of Elves & Houses of Men are arranged to show blood-lines & the inter-mingling of Lines rather than chronologically.
There are thus a number of overlaps. Significant blood-ties & breaks in lines are indicated.

"s. of ..." = Son of ...           "d. of ..." = Daughter of ...           "m. ..." = Married ...

Where dates are given the standard Age conventions are used:
FA = First Age   ~   SA = Second Age   ~   TA = Third Age
(H) = The Hobbit   ~   (LOTR/LoTR) = The Lord of the Rings   ~   (Silm) = The Silmarillion   ~   (UT) = Unfinished Tales
Accents are for the greater part omitted.
This glossary was compiled primarily for the author and other readers whose memories are not photographic!
It is not intended for or aimed at Tolkien scholars (though some may find the narrative articles of interest),
and does not therefore include material from the History of Middle-earth or the Letters of JRRT.
'Non-canon' material (from HoMe, Letters etc) is not included.

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