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Adorn   Rohan Eastward flowing tributary of the Isen
Aglarond Glittering Caves Rohan Numenorean caverns & rock-halls delved at Helm's Deep
Aldburg   Rohan The first capital of Rohan, south-east of Edoras in Folde. (Eomer's home)
Amon Amarth Orodruin, Mount Doom Mordor Volcanic mountain in whose Crack of Doom The Ring was forged
Amon Anwar Eilenaer, Halifirien Gondor Hill of Awe (see Halifirien)
Amon Din Hill of Silence Gondor Hill near Mt Mindolluin, above the Druadan Forest
Amon Hen Hill of the Eye Anduin Peak in Emyn Muil, west of the Anduin, opposite Amon Lhaw
Amon Lanc Naked Hill Rhovanion Former name of Dol Guldur
Amon Lhaw Hill of the Ear Anduin Peak in Emyn Muil, east of the Anduin opposite Amon Hen
Amon Sul Weathertop, Hill of Wind Arnor Ruined site of a former Numenorean citadel on the Weather Hills
Amroth     See Cerin Amroth, Dol Amroth
Andrast Ras Morthil Gondor Peninsular at the southern end of the Ered Nimrais
Andrath Long Climb Eriador Narrow valley followed by the Greenway south of Bree, between the Barrow Downs & South Downs. Site of the Nazgul base camp in their search for "Baggins"
Anduin Great River Rhovanion/Gondor The River Anduin effectively marks the East/West divide of Middle-earth at this time
Anfalas Langstrand Gondor Province of Gondor
Angmar   Angmar The Realm of the Witch-king (Lord of the Nazgul) during part of the Third Age
Angrenost Isengard Rohan The former Numenorean fortress taken over by Saruman, guarding the tower of Orthanc
Annuminas Tower of the West Arnor Former Numenorean capital of Arnor, beside Lake Nenuial
Anorien   Gondor Province of Gondor north of the Ered Nimrais, bounded by the Mering Stream, Entwash & Anduin
Archet   Eriador Village near Bree
Argonath Pillars of the Kings Anduin Gorge on the Anduin with stone carvings of Isildur & Anarion, marking the approximate northern border of Gondor
Arnor   Arnor Former Northern Kingdom of the Dunedain, stetching from east of Lindon (the River Luin) to the Hoarwell/Greyflood, so only slightly smaller than the Elven realm of Eriador. Later split into Arthedain, Cardolan & Rhudaur
Arthedain   Arnor North-western Kingdom of the Dunedain, between the Luin & Baranduin plus the lands north of the Great Road as far as Amon Sul
Azanulbizar Nanduhirion Misty Mts Area east of Khazad-dum including the Kheled-zaram. Site of the last battle in the War of Dwarves & Orcs
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Baranduin Brandywine Eriador River running from Lake Evendim south through The Shire
Barrow Downs Tyrn Gorthad Eriador Downs east of the Old Forest, south-west of Bree. Site of Cardolan's capital & ancient burial mounds
Barad-Dur Lugburz Mordor Sauron's Dark Tower in Mordor
Barazinbar Caradhras, Redhorn Misty Mts One of the Mountains of Moria. Normally passable via the Redhorn Gate
Belfalas   Gondor Province of south Gondor
Blackroot Vale Morthond Vale Gondor Valley of the Morthond below the Ered Nimrais
Bree   Eriador Village east of The Shire on the Great East Road
Brown Lands   Rhovanion Desolated area between Mirkwood & Emyn Muil, east of Anduin, where the Entwives were last seen
Bruinen Loudwater Eriador River flowing from the Misty Mountains near Rivendell, crossed at the Ford. Joins the Hoarwell
Buckland   Shire Hobbit area east of The Shire, adjoining the Old Forest
Bundushathur Fanuidhol, Cloudyhead Misty Mts One of the Mountains of Moria
Bywater The Water Shire River flowing east via the Bywater Pool through The Shire to the Brandywine
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Cair Andros   Anduin Island in the Anduin held by Gondor
Calanhad   Gondor Beacon hill, Ered Nimrais
Calembel   Gondor Hill above the Ciril, Lamedon
Calenardhon Rohan Rohan Former northern province of Gondor bounded by the Ered Nimrais, Adorn, Isen, Misty Mts, Limlight, Anduin & Mering Stream. Given to the Eorlingas in return for their help
Caradhras Barazinbar, The Cruel, Redhorn Misty Mts One of the Mountains of Moria. Normally passable via the Redhorn Gate
Caras Galadhon   Lorien City of the Galadhrim; home of Celeborn & Galadriel
Carchost Red Tooth Mordor One of the two Towers of the Teeth, Morannon gate
Cardolan   Arnor South-eastern Kingdom of the Dunedain, between the Greyflood, Baranduin & Great Road, with its capital at Tyrn Gorthad on the Barrowdowns
Carn Dum   Angmar The former base of the Lord of the Nazgul, at the northern end of the Misty Mountains
Carnen Redwater Rhun River flowing south from the Iron Hills. Joins the Celduin
Carrock, The   Anduin Rock in the middle of the Anduin, near Boern's home
Celebdil Zirakzigil, The White, Silvertine Misty Mts One of the Mountains of Moria
Celebrant Silverlode,
Lorien River flowing from Mirrormere / Kheled-zaram through Lothlorien
Celduin River Running Rhovanion River flowing from the Long Lake to the Sea of Rhun
Cerin Amroth   Lorien Mound in Lothlorien; heart of the land of the Galadhrim
Celebrant, Field of Rhovanion Area between the rivers Celebrant & Limlight. Site of the battle to which the Rohirrim rode from the North to aid Gondor, after which they were given Calenardhon (Rohan)
Chamber of Mazarbul Chamber of Records Moria Balin's base in Khazad-Dum. The room where his Dwarves made their last stand
Chetwood   Eriador Woods north of Bree
Ciril   Gondor River flowing into the Ringlo in Lamedon
Cirith Gorgor Haunted Pass Mordor Defile between the mountain ridges closed by Morannon gate
Cirith Ungol Cirith Duath Mordor High pass through the Ephel Duath close by Minas Morgul. Guarded by Shelob
Cirith Forn en Andrath High Pass, Pass of Imladris Misty Mts High pass through the Misty Mountains. Part of the East-West road
Coombe   Eriador Village near Bree
Cormallen Field   Gondor Open area opposite Cair Andros near Henneth Annun, North Ithilien
Court of The Fountain Gondor Courtyard on the upper (7th) circle of Minas Tirith's Citadel. Its fountain feeds the Withered Tree / The White Tree
Crack of Doom Sammath Naur Mordor The volcanic "Chamber of Fire" reached via a tunnel in Orodruin, in which The One Ring was forged
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Dagorlad Battle Plain Rhovanion Site of the final battle of the Last Alliance (Second Age) & battles between Gondor & Easterlings
Dale   Rhovanion Town of northern Men below Mount Erebor
Dead Marshes   Rhovanion Marshland between Emyn Muil & North Ithilien. The western part of the Dagorlad, where many combatants died a watery death
Death Down   Rohan Grave of the orcs who perished at Helm's Deep, piled high & covered by the Ents
Deeping Stream   Rohan Stream running through Deeping Coomb past the Hornburg, Helm's Deep
Derndingle   Fangorn Circular clearing in Fangorn Forest. Site of the Entmoot
Dimholt Gate of the Dead Rohan Entrance under the Dwimorberg to the Paths of the Dead
Dimrill Dale Azanulbizar, Nanduhirion Rhovanion Valley below the Redhorn Gate, reached via the Dimrill Stairs. Contains Mirrormere
Dol Amroth   Gondor Head overlooking the sea, Belfalas, south Gondor
Dol Baran   Rohan Southern foothill of the Misty Mountains, above the Gap of Rohan. Site of Isengard
Dol Guldur Hill of Sorcery Rhovanion Sauron's former base in southern Mirkwood
Dor-en-Ernil Land of The Prince Gondor Lands of the Prince of Dol Amroth, in Belfalas between the Ringlo & Gilraen
Dorwinion   Rhun Land north-east of the Sea of Rhun, known for its wine
Druadan Forest Grey Wood Gondor Home of Ghan-buri-ghan's people (The Woses/Wild Men)
Druwaith Iaur Old Pukel-Land Gondor Area in the south-western Ered Nimrais inhabited by the "Wild Men of the Mountains" - Druedain
Dunharrow   Rohan Town in the valley south of Edoras, Rohan
Dunland   Eriador Country of the Dunlendings, west of the Isen/Misty Mountains
Durthang   Mordor Peak at the north of Ephel Duath, overlooking Ithilien & the Udun valley
Dwarrowdelf Khazad-Dum, Moria Moria Dwarf Kingdom under Durin, under the Misty Mountains
Dwimorberg Haunted Mountain Rohan Peak behind Dunharrow. Entrance to the Paths of the Dead
Dwimordene Lorien Lorien Haunted-Valley. Outsider's name for Lorien (qv)
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East Bight   Rhovanion Clearing on the east of Greenwood/Mirkwood
East Emnet   Rohan Eastern province of Rohan
Eastfold   Rohan North-eastern province of Rohan
Edoras   Rohan Capital of Rohan
Edhellond Elf-haven Gondor Former elven port near the mouth of the Ringlo river, north of Dol Amroth
Egladil The Angle Lorien Area where the Nimrodel & Silverlode join
Eilenach   Gondor Beacon hill, Ered Nimrais
Eilenaer Halifirien Gondor Beacon hill, Ered Nimrais (see Amon Anwar, Halifirien)
Elostirion   Eriador The tallest tower on the Emyn Beraid; holds one of the Palantiri
Emyn Arnen   Gondor Hill in South Ithilien, opposite Mt Mindolluin
Emyn Beraid Tower Hills Eriador West of The Shire, overlooking the Grey Havens. Site of a palantir
Emyn Duir Emyn-nu-Fuin Rhovanion The Mountains of Mirkwood. (Dark Mts / Mts under Night)
Emyn Muil   Anduin Mountain range cut through by the Anduin at Sarn Gebir & the Falls of Rauros
Enedwaith   Eriador The Middle land. A wasteland between Gondor & Eriador, bounded by the Greyflood, Misty Mountains & White Mountains
Entwash Onodlo Rohan/Gondor River flowing from Fangorn to the Anduin. Fordable at Entwade
Eotheod   Rhovanion Land in the north of the Vale of Anduin; former home of the Men of Eotheod (Eorlingas / Rohirrim)
Ephel Duath Fence of Shadow Mordor Mordor's western mountain range, overlooking Ithilien & the Anduin
Erebor Lonely Mountain Rhovanion The Dwarf-kingdom of Thorin Oakenshield's ancestors, above Dale
Erech Hill of Erech Gondor Hill south of the Ered Nimrais near Morthond Vale bearing the Stone of Erech qv
Ered Lithui Ash Mountains Mordor Mountains forming the northern border of Mordor
Ered Luin Blue Mountains Lindon Range in the west of Middle-earth
Ered Mithrin Grey Mountains Rhovanion North of Mirkwood; northern border of Rhovanion
Ered Nimrais White Mountains Gondor The central East-West mountains of Gondor
Eregion Hollin Eriador Second Age Noldor province of Eriador under Celebrimbor, west of Khazad-Dum & north of the Glanduin
Erelas   Gondor Beacon hill, Ered Nimrais
Eriador   Eriador Elven realm ruled by Celeborn & Galadriel from Nenuial then Elrond from Imladris. Between the Ered Luin & the Misty Mountains
Erui   Gondor River flowing through Lossarnach to the Anduin
Eryn Lasgalen Wood of Greenleaves Rhovanion Mirkwood's new name after the passing of darkness
Eryn Vorn Black Woods Eriador Woodlands on the Cape of Minhiriath
Esgaroth   Rhovanion Town on The Long Lake south of Erebor. Destroyed by Smaug, then rebuilt
Ethir Anduin Mouths of Anduin Gondor The River Anduin's estuary / delta, south of Pelargir
Ethring   Gondor Crossing on the river Ringlo
Ettenmoors   Eriador Range of hills running west from the Misty Mountains, north of Rivendell
Evendim Nenuial Eriador Lake in the north-west of Eriador. Source of the Baranduin
Evendim   Eriador Range of hills around Lake Evendim
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Fangorn Forest Entwood Fangorn Forest north of Rohan, south of Lorien. Home of the Ents
Fanuidhol Bundushathur, The Grey, Cloudyhead Misty Mts One of the Mountains of Moria
Farthing Stone Three-farthing Stone Shire Stone near Bywater marking the centre of The Shire, where the South, East & West Farthings meet
Fen Hollen Closed Door Gondor Locked door in the 6th circle of the Citadel. Entrance to Rath Dinen
Firienfeld   Rohan Open gathering area above the Hold of Dunharrow. Leads to the Dimholt
Firienholt Firien Wood Gondor Woods below Halifirien, Anorien
Folde   Rohan Part of the "King's Lands", south-east of Edoras
Fords of Isen   Rohan A stretch of the Isen in the Gap of Rohan where it widens, slows and becomes fordable. In the centre is an islet. Both banks have earthwork forts to prevent invaders entering Rohan from the West
Forest River   Rhovanion River in northern Mirkwood, flowing into The Long Lake
Forlindon   Lindon Part of the Noldor realm of Lindon, west of the Ered Luin
Forlond North Haven Lindon Port in Forlindon, in the Gulf of Lhun opposite the Harlond
Fornost Erain Norbury of the Kings,
Deadman's Dike
Arnor Ruined Numenorean fortress in the North Downs, north of Bree at the end of the Greenway
Forodwaith Northern Waste North Uninhabited area north of the Misty Mountains & Grey Mountains
Forochel   Forodwaith Near-deserted, cold region containing the Ice Bay where Arvedui was lost
Gap of Rohan   Rohan Area between the Misty & White Mountains, almost closed by the rivers Adorn & Isen except at the Fords. Western border of Calenardhon/Rohan
Gate-stream Sirannon Moria Stream flowing from above Moria Gate, now dammed, foul & perilous
Gilrain   Gondor River in Lebennin flowing into Belfalas Bay at Tolfalas
Gladden Ninglor Rhovanion River flowing from the Misty Mountains to the Anduin, north of Lorien
Gladden Fields Loeg Ningloren Rhovanion Area south of the Gladden where Isildur was slain & lost The Ring
Glanduin   Eriador River flowing from the Misty Mountains into the fens of Swanfleet. Southern border of Eregion
Gondor   Gondor Southern Numenorean kingdom of Middle-earth, founded by Isildur & Anarion. (See Provinces)
Gorgoroth   Mordor Plateau in Mordor, surrounding Mount Doom
Greenway Old South Road Eriador Near-disused road from Bree to Gondor
Greyflood Gwathlo Eriador River in east Eriador, fed by the Hoarwell
Grey Havens Mithlond Lindon Port in the west from which Elves can sail to Eldamar/Elvenhome. Ruled by Cirdan
Greyling   Rhovanion River flowing from the northern Misty Mountains; a source of the Anduin
Gunabad, Mount   Rhovanion Capital of the northern Orcs, at the meeting of the Misty Mts & Ered Mithrin
Gwathlo Greyflood Eriador River in east Eriador, fed by the Hoarwell & Glanduin
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Halifirien Eilenaer, Amon Anwar Gondor Beacon hill, Ered Nimrais. Former geographic centre of the Kingdom of Gondor
Harad Haradwaith Harad Land of the Haradrim (Southlings/Southrons)
Harlond South Haven Gondor The port of Minas Tirith, on the Anduin
Harnen   Harad River marking the former extent of South Gondor
Harondor South Gondor Harad Former province of Gondor, south of Ithilien, held by the Haradrim
Harrowdale   Rohan Valley of Dunharrow near Edoras. Southern end leads up to the Dimholt
Haudh-en-Gwanur   Gondor Burial mound of Folcred & Fastred by the crossings of Poros
Helm's Deep   Rohan Combe in the Ered Nimrais, West Rohan. Guarded by Helm's Dike & the Hornburg
Henneth Annun Window of the Sunset Gondor Natural rock fort in North Ithilien looking West
Himling ( Himring ) Lindon Island west of Lindon. Formerly Himring, Maedhros' mountain base in Beleriand
Hoarwell Mitheithel Eriador River flowing south from the Misty Mountains. Becomes the Greyflood. Crossed at the Last Bridge on the East Road
Hornburg   Rohan Defence Tower at Helm's Deep. Erkenbrand's base
Imlad Morgul Morgul Vale Mordor Valley of Black Magic, Ithilien, below Minas Morgul
Imladris Rivendell Eriador Elrond's hidden refuge, west of the Misty Mountains. The Last Homely House
Imloth Melui   Gondor Country area with fragrant flowers. Ioreth's home
Iron Hills   Rhun Range in the north of Rhun. The base of Dain's dwarves until the return to Erebor
Isen Angren Rohan River flowing south-east through Isengard to the sea. Iron-river
Isengard Angrenost Rohan Iron-Enclosure around Orthanc
Isenmouthe   Mordor Passage between the mountains of Mordor at the south of Udun
Ithilien   Gondor Eastern province of Gondor, across the Anduin. Divided into North & South Ithilien
Kelos   Gondor Tributary of the Sirith
Khand   East Land east of Mordor, often allied to Harad. Home of the Variags
Khazad-Dum Moria, Hadhodrond Moria Former Dwarf Kingdom under Durin, below the Misty Mountains
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