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Lamedon   Gondor Province of Gondor
Laurelindorenan Lorinand Lorien Valley of Singing Gold. Land of the Galadhrim (see Lorien)
Lake Evendim Nenuial Eriador Lake below the Hills of Evendim; the source of the Baranduin
Langwell   Rhovanion River flowing from the Ered Mithrin; a source of the Anduin
Lebbenin   Gondor Province of Gondor
Lefnui   Gondor River flowing south through Pinnath Gelin
Lhun Luin Lindon River running down from the Ered Luin to the Grey Havens
Limlight   Rhovanion River flowing east from Fangorn to the Anduin. Southern border of the Field of Celebrant
Lindon   Lindon Second-Age Noldor realm under Gil-Galad, west of the Ered Luin. (The remains of Ossiriand)
Lithlad   Mordor Ash-plain, in Mordor
Lond Daer Vinyalonde Eregion Former Numenorean port at the mouth of the Gwathlo/Greyflood
Long Lake, The   Rhovanion Lake fed by the Forest River & River Running
Lorien Lorinand
Rhovanion Country of Silvan Elves, astride the Celebrant north of Fangorn between the Misty Mountains & Anduin.
Realm of the Galadhrim under Celeborn & Galadriel in the latter part of the Third Age.
" Valley of Singing Gold / The Golden Wood / The Haunted Valley "
Lossarnach   Gondor Province of Gondor
Lothlorien Dreamflower Lorien Realm of the Galadhrim (see Lorien)
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Mark, The Rohan, Riddermark Rohan Kingdom of the Rohirrim, north of the Ered Nimrais. Formerly part of Gondor
Meduseld Golden Hall Rohan Hall & palace of the King of Rohan, Edoras
Mering Stream   Gondor Stream running from Firien Wood to the Entwash. Boundary between Anorien & Rohan
Methedras   Misty Mts Peak at the southern end of the Misty Mountains, overlooking Fangorn & Isengard
Minas ... Tower ..   ( See Towers & Fortresses )
Minas Anor Minas Tirith Gondor Tower of Gondor
Minas Ithil Minas Morgul Gondor Tower of Ithilien
Minas Morgul Tower of Black Magic Gondor Formerly Minas Ithil, Ithilien
Minas Tirith Tower of Guard Gondor Formerly Minas Anor, on the border of Anorien
Mindolluin Mundburg Gondor Peak, Eastern end of the Ered Nimrais, on whose flank Minas Anor was built
Min-Rimmon   Gondor Beacon hill, Ered Nimrais
Minhiriath   Eriador Province of Eriador between the Baranduin & Greyflood
Mirkwood   Rhovanion Formerly the Great Greenwood, East of the Anduin
Midgewater   Eriador Marshy lake north-east of Bree, between the Chetwood & Weather Hills
Mirrormere Kheled-Zaram Rhovanion Lake in Dimrill Dale; source of the Celebrant/Silverlode
Misty Mountains Hithaelgir Misty Mts Long range of mountains in effect dividing Middle-earth in the Third Age
Mountains of Mirkwood Emyn Duir Rhovanion Range in northern Mirkwood, north of the Old Forest Road
Morannon Black Gate Mordor The main gateway into Mordor, guarded by Carchost & Narchost
Mordor Black Land Mordor Sauron's realm, east of the Ephel Duath
Morgai   Mordor Low-lying ground between Ephel Duath & the Plain of Gorgoroth
Morgulduin   Gondor Stream running down through the Morgul Vale
Morgul Vale Imlad Morgul Mordor Valley below Minas Morgul
Moria Khazad-Dum, Hadhodrond Moria Former Dwarf Kingdom under Durin, below the Misty Mountains
Morthond   Gondor River running from the Paths of The Dead through Blackroot Vale to Dol Amroth
Mundburg Mindolluin Gondor Name used in Rohan for the mountain & Minas Tirith
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Nan Curunir Valley of Saruman Rohan Valley leading to Isengard & Orthanc
Nanduhirion Azanulbizar Misty Mts Area east of Moria including the Mirrormere. Site of the last battle in the War of Dwarves & Orcs
Narchost Fire Tooth Mordor One of the two Towers of the Teeth, Morannon gate
Nardol   Gondor Beacon hill, Ered Nimrais
Naith, The Gore Lorien Wedge-shaped north-western part of Lothlorien
Nen Hithoel   Gondor Lake in the Anduin, above the Falls of Rauros
Nimrodel   Lorien Stream in Lorien named after the elf, Nimrodel. Joins the Celebrant
Nindalf Wetwang Gondor Marshy area below Rauros where the Entwash flows into the Anduin
Northfarthing   Shire District of The Shire, famous for growing hops
Old Forest   Eriador Ancient forest between the Baranduin & Barrow Downs
Orthanc Fang-Mount Rohan Tower at Isengard. Saruman's stronghold in the last part of the Third Age
Orodruin Amon Armath, Mount Doom Mordor Volcanic Mount of Red Flame. Contains the Crack of Doom in which The One Ring was forged
Osgiliath   Gondor Former capital of Gondor, astride the Anduin between Minas Anor & Minas Ithil. Sacked by Sauron's army
Ost-in-Edhil   Eriador Second Age capital of Eregion where the Rings were forged; sacked by Sauron
Paths of The Dead Rohan/Gondor Way under the Dwimorberg / Ered Nimrais from the Dimholt to Morthond Vale & the Stone of Erech. Haunted by sleepless spirits of the army of The Dead
Parth Galen   Gondor Open area west of the Anduin below Amon Hen, between Sarn Gebir & Rauros
Pelargir   Gondor Port in Lebennin on the Anduin, first established by The Faithful of Numenor
Pelennor   Gondor Open fields before Minas Tirith surrounded by the Rammas Echor
Pinnath Gelin   Gondor Green-hilled western Province of Gondor
Poros   Gondor River from the Ephel Duath to the Anduin. The border between South Ithilien & South Gondor
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Rammas Echor   Gondor Outer defence wall, Minas Tirith, enclosing the Pelennor
Rath Celerdain Lampwrights Street Gondor Street in the lowest circle of Gondor
Rath Dinen The Hallows Gondor Silent Street to the Houses (tombs) of the Kings & Stewards, Minas Tirith
Rauros   Anduin Falls on the Anduin
Ravenhill   Rhovanion Southern spur of Erebor
Redhorn Gate   Misty Mts Pass through the Misty Mountains below Caradhras
Rhosgobel   Rhovanion Radagast's home, on the edge of Mirkwood
Rhovanion Wilderland Rhovanion Eastern region of Middle-earth in the Third Age, between the Misty Mountains & River Running
Rhudaur   Arnor North-eastern Kingdom of the Dunedain, between the Ettenmoors, Weather Hills & Misty Mountains plus The Angle (between the Hoarwell & Loudwater south of the Great Road)
Rhun   Rhun Land of the Easterlings, north of Mordor
Ringlo   Gondor River flowing south from the Ered Nimrais
Rivendell Imladris Eriador The Last Homely House. Elrond's hidden refuge, west of the Misty Mountains
River Running Celduin Rhovanion River flowing from the Long Lake to the Sea of Rhun
Rohan The Mark, Riddermark Rohan Former province of Gondor (Calenardhon). Kingdom of the Rohirrim, north of the White Mountains between the Isen, Limlight, Anduin & Mering Stream (Anorien). (See Provinces of Rohan)
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Sammath Naur Crack of Doom Mordor The volcanic "Chamber of Fire" reached via a tunnel in Orodruin, in which The One Ring was forged
Sarn Ford   Eriador Crossing of the Baranduin by the fork off the Greenway to The Shire
Sarn Gebir   Anduin Stone-Spikes. Rapids on the Anduin above Tol Brandir & the Falls of Rauros
Sea of Nurnen   Mordor Inland sea in southern Mordor
Sea of Rhun   Rhun Inland sea in Rhun fed by the River Running
Serni   Gondor River in Lebennin, Gondor
Shire, The   Shire Country of the Hobbits, western Eriador
Sirith   Gondor River flowing through Lebennin to the Anduin at Pelargir
Snowbourn   Rohan River flowing from Edoras to the Entwash
South Downs   Eriador Hills south of Bree, east of the Barrow Downs
Southfarthing   Shire District of The Shire, famous for its tobacco
Staddle   Eriador Hobbit village near Bree
Starkhorn   Rohan Peak above Edoras & Harrowdale
Stone of Erech   Gondor Black stone from Numenor atop the Hill of Erech, brought by Isildur on founding Gondor & on which the Men of the Mountains swore loyalty to Gondor
Stonewain Valley   Gondor Valley between the Ered Nimrais & Druadan Forest
Swanfleet Nin-in-Eilph Eriador Fens about the confluence of the Mitheithel & lower Glanduin; inhabited by swans
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Tarlang's Neck   Gondor Pass on the road eastwards out of Morthond Vale
Teeth of Mordor   Mordor Carchost & Narchost, guarding the Morannon Gate, Cirith Gorgor. Originally built to keep watch on Mordor
Tharbad   Eriador Ruined Second Age town at the crossing of the Gwathlo
Thrihyrne   Rohan Peak in the Ered Nimrais, above Helm's Deep
Tol Brandir   Anduin Island peak in the Anduin, between Amon Hen & Amon Lhaw, above Rauros
Tolfalas   Gondor Island province of southern Gondor
Trollshaws   Rhudaur Wooded hills once inhabited by three Stone Trolls, west of Rivendell
Udun   Mordor Valley where the Ephel Duath & Ered Lithui meet, between the Morannon gates & Isenmouthe
Umbar   Harad Former Numenorean port & citadel, on the south-east of the Bay of Belfalas. The base of the Corsairs
Undeeps - North & South Rhovanion Lands between the two great meanders of the Anduin, west of the Brown Lands, south of Mirkwood
Vale of Anduin   Rhovanion The lands either side of the Anduin between the Misty Mountains & Mirkwood
Weather Hills   Arnor Hills north-east of Bree
Weathertop Amon Sul, Hill of Wind Arnor Summit at the southern end of the Weather Hills above the Great East Road
Wellinghall   Fangorn Treebeard's home in the Forest of Fangorn
West Emnet   Rohan Province of Rohan
Westfold   Rohan Westernmost province of Rohan
Westfold Vale Deeping-Coomb Rohan Valley in west Rohan, guarded by the Hornburg & Helm's Dike
Westmarch   Eriador Region to the west of The Shire, later incorporated into The Shire
Withered Heath   Rhovanion Devastated land between the Grey Mountains & Iron Hills
Withywindle   Eriador River through the Old Forest; tributary of the Baranduin
Wold, The   Rohan Northern Province of Rohan between the Limlight, Anduin & Entwash
Zirakzigil Celebdil, Silvertine Misty Mts One of the Mountains of Moria
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