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Descriptions of the Eldar, Noldor, Edain etc are simplified here
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Arkenstone   Heart of The Mountain. Stone of Thrain, coveted by Thorin. (The Hobbit)
Athelas Kingsfoil Healing plant used by the King of Gondor
Balchoth   The Horrible Horde, kin of the Wainriders, who invaded Gondor during the rule of Cirion. Driven out by the Eorlingas
Balrogs Valaraukar spirits of Fire who became followers of Melkor. Most perished at the end of the First Age
Bane of Isildur   The One Ring, which he should have destroyed
Bardings   Men of Dale, under Bard
Battle of Bywater Battle in The Shire with Sharkey's Men, in which 19 Hobbits died
Battle of Five Armies Battle of Wood-Elves, Men & Dwarves (plus Eagles & Beorn) against the Goblins/Orcs & Wargs at Erebor (The Hobbit)
Battles of the Fords of Isen Two consecutive battles fought by the Rohirrim to defend the crossing of the Isen and hold back the forces of Isengard (Uruks, Orcs, Wolf-riders & Dunlendings)
Beornings   Offspring or kinfolk of Beorn
Captains of The West Leaders of the combined armies of Gondor & Rohan. Aragorn, Eomer, Faramir, Prince Imrahil, Gandalf
Council of Elrond Meeting at Rivendell to decide what to do with The Ring. Attended by:
  Elrond, Erestor, Galdor, Glorfindel and other Elf-Lords. Legolas, Aragorn, Boromir,
Gloin, Gimli, Bilbo, Frodo & Gandalf. And Samwise Gamgee
Dragons Great Worms,
Fire-drakes originally bred by Morgoth/Melkor. Few survived into the Third Age
Druedain Woses Ancient people of the Misty Mountains. Inhabitants of the Druadan Forest
Dunedain Rangers Men of The West. The remaining descendants of the Numenoreans after the fall of the kingdoms of Arnor & Gondor. Roving guardians of peace in Middle-earth, based at Rivendell
Dunlendings   Hill-men & herders of Dunland. Former inhabitants of west Calenardhon, ousted by the Rohirrim. Allies of Saruman
Durin's Bane   The Balrog in Khazad-Dum (See Spirits)
Durin's Folk Dwarves General term for Dwarves. The most prominent branch are descendants of Durin, founder of Khazad-Dum
Dwarves Khazad, Naugrim Dwarves were created separately to Elves & Men, their Seven Fathers scattered until allowed to 'wake'
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Edain Men, Atani The Second People created. Like the Elves they 'awoke' in the East and progressed West. The Dunedain / Men of The West went furthest, to Numenor / Westernesse (see Numenor)
Easterlings   Men from Rhun, Khand & other lands to the East, including the Wainriders & Balchoth
Elanor   Star-flower, found mostly in Lorien. (Name given to Sam & Rosie's daughter)
Eldar Eldalie The kindred of the three branches of Elves (qv) who marched west (Vanyar, Noldor, Teleri)
Elder Days   The First Age, when the Eldar were the dominant people of Middle-earth
Elendili Elf-friends Men who allied with the Elves against Melkor & Sauron
Elves Firstborn, Quendi The first People created. They 'awoke' in the East, and split into several branches (Vanyar, Noldor, Teleri, Avari - see the Migrations of Elves)
Eored   A mounted troop or command in Rohan, of at least 120 Riders
Eorlingas   Descendants of Eorl of Rohan; more generally the Rohirrim, Men of Rohan
Eotheod   The Horse-people / Land of the Horse-people. The "Northmen" who became the Rohirrim
Ents Onodrim Ancient beings created as shepherds to tend forests & trees (See Spirits)
Faithful Elendili The Numenoreans who remained friendly to the Eldar and did not challenge the Valar. They became the Dunedain
Fathom   The length of a man's outstretched arms, taken as 6'
Firstborn Elves, Quendi The Elves (qv) were the first People created to populate the world. They called themselves Quendi ('talkers') as nothing else spoke
Galadhrim Tree People The tree-dwelling Silvan Elves of Lorien
Goblins Orcs The word for Orcs used in The Hobbit
Grey Company, The   Thirty Dunedain (Rangers) of the North led by Halbarad, plus Elladan & Elrohir, "summoned" to Rohan to help Aragorn
Grond   Battering ram of Mordor used at the seige of Gondor
Halflings Hobbits Also known as Holbytlan, Peredhil, Periain, Perianneth
Haradrim Southrons Men from Harad & other southern lands
Helmingas   The defenders of Helm's Deep
High-Elves   Elves of the High Kindred, mostly of Noldor blood. (See High-Elves)
Hithlain   Material from which Elves make ropes
Holbytlan   Rohirric term for Hobbits
Huorns   Ents who have become tree-like, but remain mobile
Isildur's Bane   The One Ring, continued possession of which caused his downfall
Khazad Naugrim The Dwarves' name for themselves. The "stunted people" to Elves
Khuzdul   The language of the Dwarves
Last Alliance   The Alliance between Elves & Men against Sauron at the end of the Second Age
League   Measure of distance, approximating to 3 miles
Lembas Coimas Nourishing travel-bread of the Elves
Lords of The West The Gods (see The Valar )
Lossoth Snowmen People of the Forodwaith, mostly settled round the northern Ice Bay of Forochel
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Mearas   Superior breed of horses, found in Rohan, descended from Felarof
Miruvor   Elven travel-drink
Mithril True-silver Moria-silver, beloved of dwarf & elf-smiths
Mouth of Sauron Lieutenant of Barad-Dur The 'Black Numenorean' who rides out of Morannon Gate to convey Sauron's surrender terms
Naugrim Khazad The Dwarves ("Stunted People")
Nephredil   One of the flowers of Lothlorien
Noldor High Elves A branch of the Eldar. (See High Elves)
Numenor Westernesse The Western island kingdom of Men in the Second Age. Only Men of the three Houses who were 'Elendili' (Elf-friends) went there, not Easterlings etc who fell under the sway of Morgoth & Sauron
Onodrim Ents Ancient beings created as shepherds to tend the forests (See Spirits)
Orcs Yrch, Gorgun Creations of Morgoth bred in imitation of elves. Used as slaves & soldiers. Unable to stand daylight until the Uruk-hai breed (qv) appeared in the late Third Age
Palantiri Seeing-Stones Seven stones given to Elendil's father, Amandil, by the Eldar to watch & communicate. Set in towers at Osgiliath, Minas Ithil, Minas Anor, Amon Sul, Orthanc, Emyn Beraid (overlooking the Grey Havens) & Annuminas (by Lake Evendim)
    • The palantir of Emyn Beriad survives but only looks West.
• The palantir of Osgiliath was lost in the Anduin.
• The palantiri of Orthanc & Minas Anor survive.
• The palantir of Minas Ithil was captured & taken to Barad-Dur.
• The palantiri of Annuminas & Amon Sul were lost in the Shipwreck of Forochel with Arvedui.
Peredhil Half-Elven One descended from an Elf-Man union (eg Earendil & his sons Elros & Elrond)
Halflings, Holbytlan Terms for Hobbits used by other peoples
Pukel-men   Ancient stone statues on the approach to Meduseld. Probably carved by the Woses
Quest of Erebor The attempt by Thorin Oakenshield & his dwarves to recapture the Lonely Mountain from Smaug (The Hobbit)
Quest of The Ring Quest of Mount Doom The attempt by the Council of Elrond to end Sauron's power by sending the Nine Walkers to Mordor to destroy The Ring
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Rangers Dunedain Descendants of the Numenoreans; guardians of the peace in Middle-Earth
Riddermark Rohan The former northern Gondorean province of Calenardhon, given to the Riders following their aid to Gondor in TA 2510
Rohirrim Riders of Rohan People of Rohan. Skilled horsemen from the North. Allies of Gondor, which gave them the province of Calenardhon in return for past help
Shire, The   The Shire & Hobbits are recent arrivals in Middle-earth. Like Elves & Men, the Hobbits came from the East, crossing the Misty Mountains about 1000 years into the Third Age qv and only settling in The Shire about half-way through the Age.
Simbelmyne Evermind A flower, growing profusely round the tombs of the Kings of Rohan
Southrons Swertings Swarthy people from the South. The Haradrim
Stone of Erech, The Black stone on the Hill of Erech, South Gondor, said to have been brought from Numenor by Isildur, upon which the King of the White Mountains initially swore loyalty to Gondor
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Third Age ( TA ) Each 'Age' of Middle-earth begins/ends with a violent event, sometimes including floods & earthquakes which alter the map. The Third Age has lasted nearly 3000 years when the War of The Ring takes place. The long transitional Third Age marks the ending of the dominance of Middle-earth by Elves and the emergence of Men. It ends with the destruction of The One Ring, and departure from Middle-earth of most remaining Elves. (See the summaries of Ages)
Trolls Torogs
Large, unfriendly creatures of various kinds: Cave-trolls (eg in Moria), Stone-Trolls (eg at Trollshaws see Creatures), Hill-Trolls (eg the attack force at the Black Gate), etc. Bred by Morgoth as Ent-imitations. The Olog-hai appeared late in the Third Age; less clumsy & dumb, they could also tolerate daylight
Uruk-hai Uruks Great Orcs, bred for fighting by Sauron (and Saruman) & able to stand daylight. Often led companies of common Orcs
Variags   Men from Khand, allies of the Haradrim
Wainriders   Easterlings who rode to battle in chariots. Invaded Gondor during the reigns of Calimehtar to Earnil II
Wargs   Large wolf-like animals; servants of the Enemy (see Creatures)
Westron Common Tongue Language of Men (the Edain), spoken by most in Middle-earth to communicate
White Council Council of The Wise The Council formed when Sauron's power began to increase once more. Composed of Saruman, Gandalf, Galadriel, Cirdan, Elrond & other Elf-Lords
Wizards Istari Maiar spirits sent to Middle-earth to contest Sauron (see Spirits)
Wood-Elves   The Elves living in Greenwood The Great (Mirkwood)
White Tree Tree of Nimloth The seedling of Nimloth, the White Tree of Numenor, planted beside the tower at Minas Anor. The emblem of Gondor
Woses Wild Men, Druedain Ancient folk now living in the Druadan Forest. Probable descendants of the Pukel-men
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