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Provinces of Rohan and Gondor


Provinces and Regions of Rohan

Calenardhon, Rochan, Rohan, The Riddermark, The Mark
Former northern province of Gondor, given to the Eorlingas in return for their aid in the defence of Gondor.
Kingdom of the Rohirrim, bounded by the Ered Nimrais, River Isen, Misty Mountains, the Limlight, Anduin and Mering Stream.
The Wold North-eastern region between the Limlight, Anduin and Entwash
East Emnet Eastern region between the Entwash and Anduin/Emyn Muil
Eastfold The eastern Province; nominally bounded by the Snowbourn, Entwash and Mering Stream
King's Lands Undefined central province, overseen from Edoras *
Folde Part of the "King's Lands", south-east of Edoras
Harrowdale Vale behind Edoras. Part of the "King's Lands"
West Emnet Western region, bounded by the Snowbourn and Entwash and Fangorn Forest
Westfold The western Province, guarding the Gap of Rohan at the River Isen
Westfold Vale Valley in west Rohan, guarded by the Hornburg
*   The principle of "King's Lands" surrounding the capital echoes the region known as Arandor (Kingsland) in Númenor
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Provinces and Regions of Gondor

The Southern Kingdom of the Numenoreans in Middle-earth, founded by Isildur and Anarion
Andrast Westernmost province on the peninsular at the southern end of the Ered Nimrais
Anfalas (Langstrand) Central southern province, between the Lefnui and Morthond
Anorien Province north of the Ered Nimrais, bounded by the Mering Stream, Entwash and Anduin
Belfalas Southern province, east of the Mouths of Anduin
Blackroot Vale Lands in the valley of the River Morthond
Dol Amroth / Dor-en-Ernil Lands of the Prince of Dol Amroth, in Belfalas between the Ringlo and Gilrain
Harondor Former province of South Gondor, between the Poros and Harnen. Now occupied by the Haradrim
Imloth Melui Country region with fragrant flowers. (Ioreth's home)
Ithilien Eastern province, bounded by the Anduin, Poros and Ephel Duath. Divided into North and South Ithilien
Lamedon Province south of the Ered Nimrais
Lebbenin Province between the Gilrain and Erui, including Pelargir
Lossarnach Closest province to Minas Tirith, between the mountains and River Anduin
Pinnath Gelin Green-hilled western region, north of Anfalas
Ringlo Vale Lands in the province of Lamedon
Tolfalas The island in the Bay of Belfalas
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