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Rings & Swords

The Rings of Power
~  Rings  ~
Rings of Men   Nine Rings given by Sauron to Kings of Men, who became enslaved as Ring-Wraiths
Dwarf-Rings   Seven Rings forged for the Dwarf-lords. Captured by Sauron or lost to dragons
Elven-Rings   Three Rings forged separately by Celebrimbor, Elven smith in Eregion
Narya Ring of Fire Ruby.      Held by Gandalf. Given to him by Cirdan
Nenya Ring of Water Diamond. Held by Galadriel
Vilya Ring of Air Sapphire. Held by Elrond. Given to him by Gil-Galad
The One Ring The Ring Forged in the Second Age by Sauron in the Sammath Naur/Crack of Doom, Orodruin, containing much of his power & being
The Ring of Barahir   Ring worn by Aragorn. Given by Finrod of the Noldor to Barahir of the House of Beor in the First Age as a sign of friendship between Elves & Men. Kept by Kings of the Line of Elros.   (See the First Age)
~  Swords  ~
Aiglos Icicle Gil-Galad's spear (First/Second Age)
Anduril Flame of The West The sword re-forged from Narsil ("The Sword that was Broken") for Aragorn
Glamdring Foe-Hammer First Age sword of the King of Gondolin, found in the Stone-Trolls' trove. (The Hobbit). Gandalf's sword
Guthwine   Eomer's sword
Herugrim   Theoden's sword
Narsil   Elendil's sword, broken when he smote Sauron, with whose hilt Isildur cut The Ring from Sauron's hand. Re-forged for Aragorn as Anduril
Orcrist Goblin-cleaver, Biter Sword from the Stone-Trolls' trove, kept by Thorin Oakenshield (The Hobbit)
Sting   First Age knife of Gondolin from the Stone-Trolls' trove. Kept by Bilbo as a Hobbit-sword (The Hobbit). Given to Frodo
Merry's sword   A Numenorean blade from the Barrow Downs, which dealt the Lord of The Nazgul the first fatal blow
For the First Age blades of Gondolin see Turgon, Gondolin & First Age
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