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Kings and Marshals of Rohan


The Rohirrim / Men of Éothéod / Éorlingas

~ Marshals of the Mark ~
The "Northmen" who moved to the Vale of Anduin had once ruled Rhovanion and lived in the lands east of Mirkwood.   Valacar, 20th King of Gondor, married Vidumavi, daughter of King Vidugavia. Their son, Vinitharya / Eldacar, was 21st King of Gondor (see the Kings of Gondor).   A number of Northmen had joined with the armies of Gondor during conflicts with Easterlings.   They were also related to the Beornings and other "North-Men" of the Vale of Anduin and Dale who resisted The Shadow and were thus loosely allied against Easterlings, Orcs, etc.   Following the fall of Angmar (TA 1975) Frumgar led the Eotheod (Horse-people) north, away from the ravages of the Easterlings, to the confined area between the Langwell and Greylin below the Ered Mithrin and Misty Mountains.   They returned south in force under Eorl.
Frumgar   Lord of the Eotheod
Fram s. of Frumgar Slayer of Scatha, the dragon of Ered Mithrin Slain by Dwarves
Leod   Lord of Eotheod Killed taming Felarof
    The First Line of Kings    
Eorl The Young s. of Leod Lord of Eotheod. Led the Riders at the Field of Celebrant (TA 2510)
Received the province of Calenardhon from Steward Cirion. 1st King of The Mark
Died fighting orcs in The Wold
Brego s. of Eorl 2nd King  
Baldor 1st s. of Brego   Died, Paths of The Dead
Aldor The Old 2nd s. of Brego 3rd King. Drove out the Dunlendings  
Frea s. of Aldor 4th King  
Freawine s. of Frea 5th King  
Goldwine s. of Freawine 6th King  
Deor s. of Goldwine 7th King. Suffered Dunlendish raids. Isengard lost  
Gram s. of Deor 8th King  
Helm Hammerhand s. of Gram 9th King. Fought the Dunlendings in the Long Winter (2758-9) Died, siege of Helm's Deep
Haleth 1st s. of Helm   Killed defending Edoras
Hama 2nd s. of Helm   Died, siege of Helm's Deep
Hild d. of Gram Mother of Frealaf  
    The Second Line of Kings    
Frealaf Hildeson s. of Hild 10th King. Drove out the Dunlendings.   Saruman arrived at Isengard  
Brytta Leofa s. of Frealaf 11th King. Fought orcs in the Ered Nimrais  
Walda s. of Brytta 12th King Killed by Orcs, Dunharrow
Folca s. of Walda 13th King. Purged the Mountains of Orcs Killed hunting the Boar of Everholt, Firien Wood
Folcwine s. of Folca 14th King. Expelled the Dunlendings from the Adorn/Isen area. Sent his sons to the aid of Steward Turin of Gondor  
Folcred 1st s. of Folcwine   Killed fighting Haradrim, Ithilien
Fastred 2nd s. of Folcwine   Killed fighting Haradrim, Ithilien
Fengel 3rd s. of Folcwine 15th King  
Thengel s. of Fengel 16th King. An unwilling king. Had served in Gondor and spoke its language
m. Morwen of Lossarnach
Theoden Ednew s. of Thengel and Morwen 17th King. Freed from Saruman's influence by Gandalf. Led the Ride of the Rohirrim to Mundburg
m. Elfhild
Killed by the Lord of the Nazgul, Pelennor Field
Theodred s. of Theoden and Elfhild Marshal of the Westfold Killed at the Fords of Isen
Theodwyn 2nd d. of Thengel Sister of Theoden
m. Eomund, Third Marshal of The Mark and Lord of the Eastfold
Died after Eomund's death
Killed by orcs, Emyn Muil
    The Third Line of Kings    
Eomer Eadig s. of Eomund and Theodwyn Marshal of the Mark. Fought at the Pelennor Field. 18th King
m. Lothiriel of Dol Amroth
Eowyn d. of Eomund and Theodwyn Killed the Lord of the Nazgul, Pelennor Field
m. Faramir of Gondor
The marriages of Thengel to Morwen of Lossarnach, Eomer to Lothiriel of Dol Amroth (d. of Imrahil),
and Eowyn to Faramir re-affirmed the ancient kinship between the Eorlingas and Men of Gondor

    The Marshals of The Mark    
There were normally three military commands below the
Chief Marshal (the King), not necessarily held by the
Lord of the province:
The Muster of Edoras under the First Marshal of The Mark,
The Westfold Muster under the Second Marshal, based at The Hornburg,
The Eastfold Muster under the Third Marshal, based at Aldburg
A number of other nobles held posts as Marshals ranking below the main three

Theoden Chief/First Marshal of The Riddermark Fought at the Hornburg. Killed at Mundburg
Theodred Second Marshal of The Mark
  Muster of the West-mark
Killed in the first Battle of the Fords of Isen
    (Replaced by Erkenbrand)
Erkenbrand Lord of the Westfold
  Acting Second Marshal
Fought in the Battles of the Fords of Isen and at Mundburg
Eomer Lord of the Eastfold
  Third Marshal of The Mark
Fought at the Hornburg and Mundburg
Dunhere Lord of Harrowdale
  Muster of Edoras
Fought in the Battles of the Fords of Isen. Killed at Mundburg
Elfhelm A Marshal of The Mark
  Muster of Edoras
Fought in the Battles of the Fords of Isen and at Mundburg
Grimbold A Marshal of The Mark
  Westfold Muster
Fought in the Battles of the Fords of Isen. Killed at Mundburg
After his accession to the throne of Rohan, Eomer appointed
Erkenbrand as Marshal of the West-Mark and Elfhelm as Marshal of the East-Mark
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