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The Stewards of Gondor

Following the death without succession of Earnur, the 33rd King of Gondor, the Stewards began to rule Gondor until such time as a rightful heir to the throne might appear. This had to be someone of the Line of Elros, the first King of Numenor.
~ The Last Kings of Gondor ~
Earlier named Stewards
Hurin of Emyn Arnen Steward to King Minardil. First named Steward of Gondor, of Numenorean ancestry
Pelendur Steward to King Ondoher. After Pelendur the office became hereditary
Vorondil Steward of Gondor
Ruling Stewards of the 'House of Hurin'
Mardil Steward of Gondor under Earnil II. Became the 1st Ruling Steward on the death of Earnil's son
Eradan 2nd Ruling Steward
Herion 3rd Ruling Steward
Belegorn 4th Ruling Steward
Hurin I 5th Ruling Steward     The first stewards ruled during The Watchful Peace
Turin I 6th Ruling Steward
Hador 7th Ruling Steward
Barahir 8th Ruling Steward
Dior 9th Ruling Steward
Denethor I 10th Ruling Steward. First to have to fight the Uruk-hai. Ithilien invaded
Boromir 11th Ruling Steward. Regained Ithilien. Osgiliath ruined. Died of a Morgul wound
Cirion 12th Ruling Steward. Fought the Balchoth and gave Calenhardhon to Eorl for his aid to Gondor
Hallas 13th Ruling Steward
Hurin II 14th Ruling Steward
Belecthor I 15th Ruling Steward
Orodreth 16th Ruling Steward
Ecthelion I 17th Ruling Steward. Rebuilt the 'Tower of Ecthelion' (White Tower, Minas Tirith)
Egalmoth 18th Ruling Steward
Beren 19th Ruling Steward. Fought the Corsairs of Umbar. The Long Winter. Gave Saruman the keys to Orthanc
Beregond 20th Ruling Steward. A sea Captain, who had defeated the Corsairs and relieved Rohan
Belecthor II 21st Ruling Steward. On his death the White Tree of Nimloth died too
Thorondir 22nd Ruling Steward
Turin II 23rd Ruling Steward. Withdrew from Ithilien. Fortified Cair Andros and Henneth Annun. Summoned Rohan's aid against the Haradrim
Turgon 24th Ruling Steward. During his rule Barad-dur was re-occupied by Sauron, and Saruman proclaimed himself Lord of Isengard
Ecthelion II 25th Ruling Steward. Advised by Thorongil, who ended the threat from Umbar
Denethor II 26th Ruling Steward. Proud and jealous, he declined Gandalf's aid. First steward to use the Palantir of Minas Tirith. Killed himself during the Siege of Gondor
Faramir Steward of Gondor, serving under King Elessar
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