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Towers and Fortresses

As in the late Third Age
Angrenost Isengard Rohan The former Numenorean fortress taken over by Saruman, guarding the tower of Orthanc
Annuminas Tower of the West Arnor Former Numenorean capital of Arnor, beside Lake Nenuial
Barad-Dur Lugburz Mordor Sauron's Dark Tower and capital
Carchost Red Tooth Mordor One of the two Towers of the Teeth, Morannon gate
Carn Dum   Angmar The former base of the Lord of the Nazgul in Angmar, at the northern end of the Misty Mountains
Elostirion   Eriador The tallest tower on the Emyn Beraid; holds one of the Palantiri
Fornost Erain Norbury of the Kings,
Deadman's Dike
Arnor Ruined Numenorean fortress in the North Downs, north of Bree at the end of the Greenway
Henneth Annun Window of the Sunset Gondor Natural rock fort in North Ithilien looking West across the Anduin
Hornburg   Rohan Defence Tower at Helm's Deep. Erkenbrand's base
Isengard Angrenost Rohan Iron-Enclosure - defence around the Tower of Orthanc
Minas Anor Tower of the Sun Gondor Minas Anor (Tower of The Sun) = Minas Tirith (Tower of Guard) = Tower of Ecthelion = White Tower
Minas Ithil Tower of the Moon Gondor Minas Ithil (Tower of The Moon) = Minas Morgul (Tower of Black Magic)
Minas Morgul Tower of Black Magic Gondor See Gondor's Towers below
Minas Tirith Tower of Guard Gondor See Gondor's Towers below
Narchost Fire Tooth Mordor One of the two Towers of the Teeth, Morannon gate
Orthanc Fang-Mount Rohan Tower at Isengard. Saruman's stronghold in the last part of the Third Age
Towers of the Teeth Teeth of Mordor Mordor Carchost and Narchost, guarding the Morannon Gate, Cirith Gorgor. Originally built to keep watch on Mordor
White Tower Tower of Ecthelion Gondor See Gondor's Towers below

The Towers of Gondor

Although the term Minas translates into Westron as Tower, it is sometimes best considered as meaning Citadel.

Like many castles which survive long enough, Minas Anor grew from a basic stronghold into heavily fortified walled city of 7 levels, large enough to encompass the military barracks and the houses and shops of the local population. The foundations of Minas Anor were laid some 700 years before the end of the Second Age on the south-eastern slopes of Mount Mindolluin. It was rebuilt in TA 420. The White Tower itself was not erected in the Citadel until TA 1900. It was rebuilt by Steward Ecthelion I in TA 2698, hence the name Tower of Ecthelion. The Tower was partly called The White Tower because of its colour, and partly to symbolise its opposition to Barad-Dur, the Dark Tower of Sauron.

Gondor was founded by Isildur and Anarion. Isildur's base in Ithilien was at Minas Ithil. Anarion's was at Minas Anor, on the border between Anorien and Lebennin, with the Capital of Gondor between them at Osgiliath. Minas Ithil was built to keep watch on Mordor, and Minas Anor to protect Gondor from the Wild Men of the Mountains. Minas Anor was known as The Tower of The (Settting) Sun due to its position west of Osgiliath, whereas The Tower of The (Rising) Moon at Minas Ithil was to the east of the Capital.

When Sauron captured Minas Ithil in TA 2002 the Capital of Gondor removed to the city within Minas Anor, whose name was changed to Minas Tirith (The Tower of Guard). 'Minas Tirith' is generally applied to the town and citadel, and is often interchangeable with 'Gondor'. The "Siege of Gondor" is also the Siege of Minas Tirith.

Minas Ithil - the tower guarding Ithilien and the border with Mordor - was renamed Minas Morgul (The Tower of Black Magic) after its capture by Sauron. Minas Morgul became the base of The Nazgul.

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