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The Powers of Arda


The Valar and Maiar

Eru / Ilúvatar The Creator of Eä (The Universe) and Arda (The Earth)
The Ainur The Holy Ones. Beings who helped Eru make The Music from which the shape and history of Arda were created
The Valar Powers of Arda. The 'Angels' (Valar / Valier) from among the Ainur who came to Arda as Guardians to govern it for Eru
The Aratar The High Ones. The eight most powerful Valar, according to the Eldar
The Fëanturi The Masters of Spirits - Námo and Irmo
The Maiar Lesser spirits brought to Arda by the Valar as their helpers and servants. Initially Ilmarë, Eönwë, Ossë and Uinen, the final number is unknown. Apart from the Istari and Valaraukar, few have been known to visit Middle-earth

Valar and Valier

Manwë Sulimo Arata Varda Lord of Arda as Vice-Regent of Eru. Loves winds, clouds, strong wings
Varda Elentári Arata Manwë Queen of The Stars. Lives with Manwë in the tower of Oilossë, Mount Taniquetil
Aulë   Arata Yavanna Loves lands and forms, smithying and crafts. Created the Dwarves
Yavanna Kementári Arata Aulë Queen of The Earth. Creator of living things (Kelvar and Olvar). Sister of Vána
Námo Mandos Arata Vairë Keeper of the Houses of The Dead at Mandos and the Prison of Mandos. Elder brother of Irmo and Nienna. Known as Mandos
Vairë The Weaver   Námo Weaves the tales of all things for the Houses of Mandos
Irmo Lórien   Estë Keeper of the tranquil gardens of Valinor at Lórien. Brother of Námo and Nienna. Known as Lórien
Estë     Irmo Grey-clad healer of hurts and weariness in Lórien. Lives near Mandos
Nienna   Arata   Mourns for all grief. Sister of Námo and Irmo
Ulmo Lord of Waters Arata   Lives in the ocean depths. Looks after seas, rivers and streams
Oromë Lord of Forests
Aldaron, Tauron
Arata Vána Brother of Nessa. Mighty hunter of fell beasts. Loves trees. Horse Nahar. Horn Valaróma
Vána The Ever-young   Oromë Sister of Yavanna. Loves flowers and birds
Tulkas Astaldo, The Valiant   Nessa The greatest in strength. Came last to Arda to help against Melkor. Ever-merry
Nessa     Tulkas Fleet-footed sister of Oromë, the hunter. A dancer
Melkor Morgoth Bauglir     Mightiest of the Ainur who came to Arda. Expelled by the Valar from the Circles of The World into the Timeless Void after the War of Wrath.   (Not counted as a Valar by the Eldar after he killed Finwë and stole the Silmarils)


Ilmarë   The handmaid of Varda
Eönwë   The Herald of Manwë. Mighty in arms
Ossë   Uinen Vassal of Ulmo, in command of shores and coastal shallows. Loves storms and Manwë's winds
Uinen Lady of the Seas Ossë Lives in the streams and rivers. Called upon by sailors to calm Ossë's wild waves
Arien   Maiden who guides Anar, The Sun. A fiery Valarauko who ignored Melkor
Tilion   The guide of Isil, The Moon. One of Oromë's hunters. In love with Arien
Melian 'The Maia' Elwë Servant of Vána and Estë tending trees in Lórien. Visited Middle-earth and married Elwë. Queen of Doriath. Mother of Lúthien and source of the Maiar blood in the lines of Elves and Men
Salmar     Came to Arda with Ulmo. Maker of the Ulumúri (Ulmo's horns)
Valaraukar Balrogs   Spirits of Fire who became adherents of Melkor. Most perished in the War of Wrath
Curunír Saruman   Unknown until his arrival in Middle-earth as the senior of the Istari
Olórin Mithrandir   Wisest of the Maiar, living in Lórien with Irmo, learning patience and pity from Nienna. An Istar
Sauron Gorthaur, The Cruel   Originally Aulë's servant. The greatest of Melkor's adherents, he followed his master into the Void
Host of The Valar The Valar, their Maiar helpers, and the Eldar of Aman - The force deployed by the Valar in the War of Wrath
Istari 'Wizards'   Maiar spirits sent to Middle-earth in the Third Age to aid Elves and Men contest the power of Sauron
Curunír The White The oldest
Olórin The Grey The wisest
Radagast The Brown Friend to the Kelvar
Alatar The Blue } The Blue Wizards who went East
Pallando The Blue

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