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The Dunedain of The North


The Kingdom of Arnor

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Kings of Arnor
Elendil escapes the wreck of Westernesse with 4 ships, landing at the Grey-Havens
Elendil The Tall s. of Amandil
m. Aldamire
19th Lord of Andunie. Led The Faithful from Numenor. 1st King of Arnor.
  Leader with Gil-Galad, Last Alliance of Men and Elves
Killed with Gil-Galad, siege of Barad-Dur
Isildur 1st s. of Elendil and Aldamire
m. Vorondome
2nd King of Arnor on the death of Elendil.
  Cut The One Ring from Sauron's hand
Killed by Orcs, Gladden Fields
Sons of Isildur
  and Vorondome
Did not succeed Killed by Orcs in the
Disaster of The Gladden Fields
Valandil 4th s. of Isildur 3rd King of Arnor  
Eldacar s. of Valandil 4th King of Arnor  
Arantar s. of Eldacar 5th King of Arnor  
Tarcil s. of Arantar 6th King of Arnor  
Tarandor s. of Tarcil 7th King of Arnor  
Valandur s. of Tarandor 8th King of Arnor  
Elendur s. of Valandur 9th King of Arnor  
Earendur s. of Elendur 10th and Last King of Arnor
- - - - - - Arnor is split on Earendur's death into Arthedain, Cardolan and Rhudaur - - - - - -
Nothing is recorded of Cardolan and Rhudaur

Kings of Arthedain
Amlaith s. of Earendur 1st King of Arthedain
Beleg s. of Amlaith 2nd King of Arthedain
Mallor s. of Beleg 3rd King of Arthedain
Celepharn s. of Mallor 4th King of Arthedain
Malvegil s. of Celepharn 6th King of Arthedain
Argeleb I s. of Malvegil 7th King of Arthedain
Arveleg I s. of Argeleb 8th King of Arthedain
Araphor s. of Arveleg 9th King of Arthedain
Argeleb II s. of Araphor 10th King of Arthedain
Arvegil s. of Argeleb 11th King of Arthedain
Arveleg II s. of Arvegil 12th King of Arthedain
Araval s. of Arveleg 13th King of Arthedain
Araphant s. of Araval 14th King of Arthedain
Arvedui s. of Araphant
m. Firiel, d. of Ondoher
15th and Last King of Arthedain. Claimant via Firiel to the Kingship of Gondor.
Drowned in the Bay of Forochel, with the Palantiri of Annuminas and Amon Sul.

The Nobility of Cardolan and Rhudaur were wiped out, in conflicts between themselves and in the war against the Witch-King of Angmar

~ Arnor ~ Arthedain ~ Rangers ~

The Rangers - Chiefs of The Dunedain
The Northern Line of Succession, based at Rivendell
Aranarth s. of Arvedui and Firiel 1st Chief of the Dunedain
Arahael s. of Aranarth 2nd Chief of the Dunedain
Aranuir s. of Arahael 3rd Chief of the Dunedain
Aravir s. of Aranuir 4th Chief of the Dunedain
Aragorn I s. of Aravir 5th Chief of the Dunedain.   Killed by wolves
Araglas s. of Aragorn 6th Chief of the Dunedain
Arahad I s. of Araglas 7th Chief of the Dunedain
Aragost s. of Arahad 8th Chief of the Dunedain
Aravorn s. of Aragost 9th Chief of the Dunedain
Arahad II s. of Aravorn 10th Chief of the Dunedain
Arassuil s. of Arahad 11th Chief of the Dunedain
Arathorn I s. of Arassuil 12th Chief of the Dunedain
Argonui s. of Arathorn 13th Chief of the Dunedain
Arador s. of Argonui 14th Chief of the Dunedain.   Killed by Trolls
Arathorn II s. of Arador
m. Gilraen
15th Chief of the Dunedain.   Killed by orcs
(Gilraen died in Eriador before the War of The Ring)
Aragorn II s. of Arathorn and Gilraen
m. Arwen Undomiel
16th and last Chief of The Dunedain,
      King Elessar of Arnor and Gondor
Eldarion s. of Aragorn and Arwen King of Arnor and Gondor

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