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The Dunedain of The South


The Kingdom of Gondor

Isildur and Anarion escape the wreck of Westernesse (Isildur with 3 ships, Anarion with 2), both landing at Pelargir
Isildur   1st s. of Elendil and Aldamire 1st King of Gondor (with Anarion) and 2nd King of Arnor Killed by Orcs, Gladden Fields
Anarion   2nd s. of Elendil and Aldamire 2nd King of Gondor (with Isildur) Killed in the Siege of Mordor
Meneldil   s. of Anarion 3rd King of Gondor  
Cemendur   s. of Meneldil 4th King of Gondor  
Earendil   s. of Cemendur 5th King of Gondor  
Anardil   s. of Earendil 6th King of Gondor  
Ostoher   s. of Anardil 7th King of Gondor  
Romendacil I Tarostar s. of Ostoher 8th King of Gondor  
Turambar   s. of Tarostar 9th King of Gondor  
Atanatar I   s. of Turambar 10th King of Gondor  
Siriondil   s. of Atanatar 11th King of Gondor  
Tarannon Falastur 1st s. of Siriondil
m. Beruthiel
12th King of Gondor. First of the Ship-Kings. Childless
A sea-hating, unpopular Queen with nine cats. Set adrift with her cats
  Tarciryan   2nd s. of Siriondil    
Earnil I   s. of Tarciryan 13th King of Gondor Lost in a storm off Umbar
Ciryandil   s. of Earnil 14th King of Gondor Killed in battle in Harad
Hyarmendacil I Ciryahir s. of Ciryandil 15th King of Gondor. Last of the Ship-Kings. Gondor at its greatest
Atanatar II Alcarin s. of Hyarmendacil 16th King of Gondor  
Narmacil I   1st s. of Atanatar 17th King of Gondor. Childless  
Calcamil I   2nd s. of Atanatar 18th King of Gondor. Appointed Minalcar as his Regent
Romendacil II Minalcar 1st s. of Calcamil 19th King of Gondor  
Valacar   s. of Minalcar
m. Vidumavi
20th King of Gondor.
(d. of Vidugavia of the Northmen, causing the Kin-strife on Valacar's death)
Eldacar Vinitharya s. of Valacar and Vidumavi 21st King of Gondor - Deposed by Castimir
Castamir The Usurper 2nd s. of Calcamil 22nd King of Gondor. Cruel and unpopular Slain by Eldacar
Eldacar     21st King of Gondor - Restored  
  Ornendil   1st s. of Eldacar   Put to death by Castamir
Aldamir   2nd s. of Eldacar 23rd King of Gondor  
Hyarmendacil II Vinyarion s. of Aldamir 24th King of Gondor  
Minardil   s. of Hyarmendacil 25th King of Gondor Killed by Corsairs
Telemnar   1st s. of Minardil 26th King of Gondor Died with all children in The Plague
  Minastan   2nd s. of Minardil    
Tarondor   s. of Minastan 27th King of Gondor  
Telumehtar Umbardacil s. of Tarondor 28th King of Gondor  
Narmacil II   1st s. of Telumehtar 29th King of Gondor  
Calimehtar   s. of Narmacil 30th King of Gondor  
Ondoher   s. of Calimehtar 31st King of Gondor Died fighting Wainriders
  s. of Ondoher
s. of Ondoher
d. of Ondoher

m. Arvedui, King of Arthedain
Died fighting Wainriders
Died fighting Wainriders
Re-united the Northern and
Southern blood-lines
  2nd s. of Telumehtar
s. of Arciryas
s. of Calimmacil
Earnil II   s. of Siriondil 32nd King of Gondor. Victor over the Wainriders
Earnur   s. of Earnil 33rd King of Gondor. Helped defeat the Witch-King of Angmar. Childless Killed by the Lord of the Nazgul, Minas Morgul
~ The Stewards of Gondor ~
Elessar Telcontar, Aragorn II King of Gondor and Arnor Restoration of the Line of Kings

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