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Aman - Valinor


The Blessed Realm

The Valar first dwelt on the Isle of Almaren, an island in a Great Lake in Middle-earth.
Following the destruction of the Two Lamps and first re-shaping of Arda, they moved West to Aman
Alqualondë Haven of the Swans Port and city of the Teleri, under Olwë
Aman   The land in the Uttermost West occupied by the Valar on leaving the Isle of Almaren
Araman   Wasteland in the north of Aman beyond the Pelori
Avallónë   Chief city of Tol Eressëa, facing west to the Calacirya. Destination of ships leaving Middle-earth
Avathar   Dark, narrow, forgotten land south-east of Valinor, outside the Pelóri
Bay of Eldamar Bay where Tol Eressëa is anchored, east of the Calacirya
Calacirya   Gap in the Pelóri made to allow the Light of The Trees to shine on Tirion and the Bay of Eldamar
Eldamar Elendë Elvenhome. The area of Aman where the Elves settled
Enchanted Isles The string of mist-shrouded rocky islets raised in the sea east of Aman in the Hiding of Valinor to prevent ships reaching the Blessed Realm
Ezellohar Corollairë Mound outside the West Gate of Valmar on which the Two Trees grew
Formenos   The stronghold built by Fëanor to hold the Silmarils on his banishment from Tirion
Helcaraxë Grinding Ice Frozen, perilous straight between Araman and Middle-Earth
Hyarmentir   Tallest mountain in Avathar
Lorellin   Lake in Valinor. Home of Estë
Lórien   Gardens of Valinor, tended by Irmo
Mandos   Site of the Halls of and Prison of Mandos, in the west of Aman
Máhanaxar Ring of Doom The council arena of the Valar, outside the gates of Valmar
Mindon Eldaliéva Tower of Ingwë Tallest tower and beacon on Tuna
Oiomúrë   Land of mists between Araman and the Helcaraxë
Pelóri   Valinor's encircling Mountains of Defence
Taniquetil Oiolossë,
Amon Uilas
Highest peak of the Pelóri. Site of Manwë's palace and throne
Tirion The Watch-Tower City of the Noldor, built on the hill of Tuna. Finarfin's seat
Tol Eressëa Lonely Isle Isle in the Bay of Eldamar on which the Vanyar, Noldor and Teleri were drawn across to Aman.
Anchored offshore at the request of the Teleri
Tuna   Hill east of the Calacirya, on which Tirion is built. Created by the spoil from the making of the Calacirya
Undying Lands Aman, Eressëa Lands of the Valar and Elves, forbidden to Mortals
Valinor Guarded Realm Homeland of the Valar within Aman
Valmar Valimar City of the Valar. Also the seat of Ingwë and town of the Vanyar
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