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Middle-earth in the First Ages

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Adurant   Tributary of the Gelion and most southern river of Ossiriand
Aelin-Uial Twilight Meres
Fens of Sirion
Treacherous watery region where the Aros joins the Sirion
Aglon, Pass of   Pass east of Himring between Lothlann and Himlad
Amon Ereb Lonely Hill Hill between the Andram and River Gelion. Site of the 1st Battle of Beleriand
Amon Ethir Hill of Spies Hill raised to the east of Nargothrond
Amon Gwareth   The rock upon which Gondolin was built
Amon Obel   Central mountain of Brethil; site of Ephel Brandir
Amon Rudh Bald Hill Mountain in West Beleriand. Home of the last of the Petty Dwarves and Turin's outlaw hideout
Anach, Pass of   Pass from Dorthonion into Nan Dungortheb / Dimbar
Andram Long Wall East-West escarpment dividing 'northern' and 'southern' Beleriand
Androth   Cave dwellings, Mithrim
Anduin Long River The Great River, east of the Misty Mountains
Anfauglith Dor-nu-Fauglith Gasping Dust. The desolated plain of Ard-galen following the Battle of Sudden Flame
Angband Iron Prison Morgoth's second citadel, north of Ard-Galen, to guard against the Valar
Anghabar Iron Delvings Iron mine in the northern mountains round Gondolin
Annon-in-Gelydh Gate of the Noldor The secret pass of Cirith Ninniach between Nevrast and Dor-Lomin
Aros   River flowing south round Doriath, joining the Sirion at Aelin-Uial
Arossiach Crossings of Aros Ford across the Aros, Dor-Dinen
Ard-Galen Anfauglith Fair northern plain, until the Dagor Bragollath, after which it was dominated by Morgoth
Arvernien   Southern region of West Beleriand
Ascar Rathloriel Tributary of the Gelion, Ossiriand. The Golden Bed of the treasures of Doriath
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Balar, Bay of   Bay at the Mouths of Sirion
Balar, Cape   Cape at the west of the Bay of Balar
Balar, Isle of Tol Balar Island in the Bay of Balar
Barad Eithel Tower of the Well Fortress above Eithel Sirion in the Ered Wethrin, Ard-Galen
Barad Nimras Tower of the White Horn Watchtower on the headland between Eglarest and Brithombar, Falas
Bar-en-Danwedh House of Ransom The halls of Mim under Amon Rudh
Belegaer Great Sea The western ocean between Beleriand/Middle-earth and Aman
Belegost Great Fortress
Mickleburg, northern of the two Dwarf Halls in the Ered Luin
Brethil   Forest between the Teiglin and Sirion to the west of Doriath, in which the Haladin found refuge
Brilthor Glittering Torrent Tributary of the Gelion, Ossiriand
Brithiach   Crossing of the Sirion, Brethil
Brithombar   City at the mouth of the Brithon, West Beleriand
Brithon   River flowing to the sea at Brithombar
Cabed-en-Aras Deer Leap Narrow gorge of the Teiglin, where Turin slew Glaurung
Cabed-Naeramarth   Cabed-en-Aras, renamed after Niniel's Leap of Doom. Site of the tombs of Turin and Morwen
Caragdur   High rock on the north of Gondolin
Celebros   Stream flowing through Brethil. Joins the Teiglin
Celon   River flowing south through Himlad. Joins the Aros
Cirith Ninniach Rainbow Cleft Pass between Dor-Lomin and Nevrast, near the Firth of Drengist
Cirith Thoronath Eagles' Cleft Pass into the mountains north of Gondolin
Crissaegrim   Jagged peaks of the southern Echoriath. Home of Thorondor
Cuivenen Waters of Awakening Bay in Helcar in the far East where the Elves awoke
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Dimbar   Land between the Sirion and Mindeb, south of the Crissaegrim
Dimrost Rainy Stair The falls of Celebros, Brethil
Dor-Cuarthol Land of Bow-Helm Land between Teiglin and Nivrim protected by Beleg and Turin at Amon Rudh
Dor-Daedeloth Land of Shadow-Horror Cold northern region ruled by Morgoth
Dor-Dinen Silent Land Land between the Ered Gorgoroth and Doriath, between the Aros and Nan Dungortheb
Dor Firn-i-Guiner Land of the Living Dead Tol Galen in Adurant, while Luthien and Beren lived there
Doriath Eglador Thingol's wooded realm astride the Rivers Esgalduin and Sirion
Dor-Lomin   South-western region of Hithlum under Fingon; given as a Fiefdom to Hador
Dorthonion Taur-Nu-Fuin
The barren, dark forests of pines south of Ard-Galen. Defended by Angrod and Aegnor, later Barahir
Drengist, Firth of   Long sea inlet between Lammoth and Nevrast
Dry River   Bed of an old river that flowed from the Echoriath into the Sirion. Hidden entrance to Gondolin
Duilwen   Tributary of the Gelion, Ossiriand
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Echoriath Encircling Mountains Mountain ring surrounding Gondolin
Eglador Doriath The forest realm of Elwe, protected by the Girdle of Melian
Eglarest   City at the mouth of the Nenning
Eithel Ivrin Ivrin Lake below the Ered Wethrin. Source of the River Narog
Eithel Sirion Well of Sirion Source of the Sirion in the Ered Wethrin, Ard-Galen, by the fortress of Barad Eithel
Ekkaia Outer Sea Great sea encircling Arda
Ered Engrin Iron Mountains Mountain range north of Ard-Galen, in which Angband was built
Ered Gorgoroth Mountains of Terror Mountains between Dorthonion and Nan Dungorthab
Ered Lomin Echoing Mountains Range between Lammoth and Hithlum
Ered Luin Ered Lindon Blue Mountains. North-south range separating Beleriand from 'the East'
Ered Mithrim Mountains of Mithrim Range between Mithrim and Dor-Lomin
Ered Wethrim Mountains of Shadow Long range separating Hithlum, Dor-Lomin and Nevrast from Ard-Galen and West Beleriand
Esgalduin Veiled River River flowing south through Dor Dinen and Doriath to join the Sirion
Estolad The Encampment The initial gathering-place of the Three Tribes on entering Beleriand
Ephel Brandir Brandir's Fence Stockade of the Men of Brethil on Amon Obel
Eriador   Second Age Noldor Realm from Lindon and the Ered Luin to the Misty Mountains
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Falas   Sea-shore realm of the Falathrim under Cirdan, around the mouth of the River Nenning
Gate of the Noldor Annon-in-Gelydh The secret pass of Cirith Ninniach between Nevrast and Dor-Lomin
Gelion   Main river of East Beleriand flowing south past Ossiriand and Taur Im Duinath
Ginglith   Tributary of the Narog
Glithui   Tributary of the Teiglin
Gondolin Ondolinde Turgon's Noldorin stronghold built after Vinyamar, hidden within the Echoriath
Greater Gelion   Northern tributary of the Gelion
Haudh-en-Arwen Barrow of the Lady Haleth's tomb, Brethil
Haudh-en-Elleth Barrow of the Elf-maid Finduilas' tomb, the Crossings of Teiglin
Barrow of The Slain
Hill of Tears
Tomb on Anfauglith (Ard-galen) of the Elves and Men slain in the Nirnaeth Arnoediad
Helcar   Inland Sea in the far east, created when Illuin was thrown down
Helcaraxe Grinding Ice The frozen northern waters of the Belegaer between Beleriand and Aman
Hildorien   Land in the far East where the Hildor (Men) awoke
Himlad Cool Plain Country south of the Pass of Aglon between the Aros and Celon, defended by Celegorm and Curufin
Himring The Ever-Cold Maedhros' mountain stronghold between North-east Beleriand and Ard-Galen
Hithaelgir Misty Mountains The first range of mountains obstructing the Elves' march to The West
Hithlum Hisilome
Mist Land
Territory of Fingolfin and Fingon between the Ered Lomin and Ered Wethrin
Iant Iaur Old Bridge Stone bridge across the Esgalduin, Nan Dungortheb
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Lake Helevorn   Lake below Mount Rerir, Thargelion. Caranthir's base
Lake Mithrim   Lake in Mithrim
Lanthir Lamath   Waterfall, Tol Galen. Dior and Nimloth's first abode
Lammoth   Region north of Nevrast between the Great Sea and Ered Lomin
Legolin   Tributary of the Gelion, Ossiriand
Little Gelion   Northern tributary of the Gelion
Linaewen   Marshy lake in Nevrast
Lindon Ossiriand Noldor name for Ossiriand / Second Age Noldor province between Ered Lindon and Eriador
Lothlann   The plain north of Himring (March of Maedhros), east of Ard-Galen
Losgar   Site of Feanor's landing and ship-burning in Beleriand on the shores of Lammoth
Maglor's Gap   Gap in the hills on the southern border of Lothlann, guarded by Maglor
Malduin Yellow River Tributary of the Teiglin
March of Maedhros   Hilly region south of Lothlann, defended by Maedhros from Himring
Menegroth The Thousand Caves Thingol's Dwarf-built stronghold, Doriath
Minas Tirith   Watchtower on Tol Sirion, captured by Sauron until driven out by Huan
Mindeb   River flowing south from Dorthonion to the Sirion, Dimbar
Mithrim   South-eastern region of Hithlum, held by Fingolfin
Mount Dolmed   Peak in the Ered Luin, east of Belegost
Mount Rerir   Peak jutting west from the Ered Luin into southern Lothlann
Mount Taras   Peak at the south-western end of the Ered Wethrim, above Vinyamar
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Nan Dungorthab Vale of Dreadful Death Poisoned valley south of Ered Gorgoroth where Ungoliant took refuge
Nan Elmoth   Dark forest north of Estolad, east of Doriath, in which Melian held Elwe. Eol's home
Nan Tathren Tasarinan, Nan-tasarion The Vale of Willows about the joining of the Narog and Sirion
Narog   River flowing from the Ered Wethrin through Nargothrond to the Sirion
Nargothrond Caverns of Narog
Finrod's citadel in the dwarf-hewn caves of Narog / His realm in West Beleriand
Nuath   Woodlands below the Ered Wethrin between the rivers Narog and Nenning
Neldoreth Taur-na-Neldor Northern beech forest of Doriath
Nen Girith   Place where Niniel shuddered beside the Celebros
Nenning   River flowing to the sea at Eglarest
Nevrast   Turgon's province in the west of Beleriand until he moved to Gondolin
Nimbrethil   Birchwoods in Avernien
Nivrim Western March Wooded part of Doriath, west of Sirion between Teiglin and Aelin-Uial
Nogrod Tumunzahar Southern of the two Dwarf Halls in the Ered Luin
Orfalch Echor   Ravine barred by the Seven Gates of the path into Gondolin
Orocarni Red Mountains The mountains of the East, near the lake of Helcar
Ossiriand Lindon Land of the Seven Rivers east of the Ered Luin, settled by the Laiquendi
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Ramdal Wall End Eastern end of the dividing hills of Andram
Region   Southern forest of Doriath
Ringwil   Stream flowing into the Narog at Nargothrond
Rivil's Well   Source of the Rivil, Dorthonion
Rivil   Stream flowing into the Sirion from Dorthonion
Sarn Athrad Ford of Stones Ford across the Gelion used by the Dwarf Road
Serech, Fen of   Broad fenlands north of the Pass of Sirion
Sirion   Largest river of West Beleriand, flowing south from Eithel Sirion in Ard-Galen through Brethil and Doriath to the Bay of Balar
Sirion, Falls of   Sirion's plunge underground below the Andram
Sirion, Fens of Aelin-Uial Treacherous marshlands where the Aros joins the Sirion
Sirion, Gates of   Sirion's re-emergence south of the Andram
Sirion, Havens of   Harbours built by the Falathrim at the Mouths of Sirion after Falas was overrun
Sirion, Pass of   Gap between the Ered Wethrin and Dorthonion through which the Sirion flowed
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Talath Dirnen Guarded Plain Part of the realm of Nargothrond
Tarn Aeluin   Lake in the east of Dorthonion. Site of Barahir's camp
Tasarinan Nan Tathren, Nan-tasarion The Vale of Willows about the joining of the Narog and Sirion
Taur Im Duinath Forest between Rivers Great tangled forest of southern Beleriand, 'twixt Sirion and Gelion
Taur-En-Faroth   Wooded heights at the western end of Andram beside the Narog
Taur-Nu-Fuin Dorthonion The dark, forbidding, pine-forested hills south of Ard-Galen
Teiglin   River flowing from the Ered Wethrim south of Brethil to join the Sirion
Teiglin, Crossings of   Fords of the River Teiglin west of Brethil
Teiglin, Ravines of   The deep gorges made by the Teiglin, west of Brethil
Thalos   Tributary of the Gelion, Ossiriand
Thangorodrim   The towers built above Angband as fortifications and vents
Thargelion Dor-Caranthir
Talath Rhunen
Caranthir's realm, north of Ossiriand between the Ered Luin and Gelion
Tol Galen Green Isle Island in the River Adurant, on which Luthien and Beren lived
Tol-in-Gaurhoth Isle of Werewolves The isle of Tol Sirion while under Sauron's command
Tol Morwen   Island remnant of the wreck of Beleriand. Site of the tomb of Morwen and Turin, Cabed-en-Aras
Tol Sirion Tol-in-Gaurhoth Island in the Sirion in the pass between the Echoriath and Ered Wethrin. Site of Minas Tirith under Orodreth
Tumhalad   Valley and battle site north of Nargothrond
Tumladen Broad Valley The hidden vale of Gondolin
Utumno   Morgoth's first underground stronghold in the far north of Middle-earth
Vinyamar   Turgon's first capital in Nevrast, before moving to Gondolin
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