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Names of The Island

  Anadûnê, Andor
  Númenor, Westernesse
Land of Gift
Land of the Star
Land of the West
The star-shaped island refuge created by the Valar for the Three Tribes of Men following the destruction of Beleriand in the War of Wrath, as a reward for their fidelity and valour; raised from the sea by Ossë
  Akallabêth, Atalantë
The Downfallen
Land under Waves
Names for Númenor used by the 'exiled' Dunedain after its sinking
The Druedain of Brethil were also carried to Númenor by Cirdan's ships, but played no part in its events.
Sensing the portents, they quietly returned to the mainland before the Downfall

Regions of Númenor
Andustar - Westlands Forostar - Northlands
Mittalmar - Inlands
Central plateau, fertile farmland
Orrostar - Eastlands
Hyarnustar - Southwestlands Hyarrostar - Southeastlands
Sheep-pastures, West Mittelmar, bordering Hyarnustar
Arandor - Kingsland
Populous region, East Mittalmar, including Armenelos & Rómenna

Place Names

Andúnië Sunset Andustar The first capital and main port, facing west
Armenelos   Arandor Citadel built by Elros at the foot of the Meneltarma. The capital. Later the site of Sauron's temple to Melkor
Eldalondë   Andustar Port in the Bay of Eldanna, at first visited by the Elves of Tol Eressëa
Eldanna, Bay of   Andustar West-facing, sheltered Bay between Andustar & Hyarnustar
Hyarastorni   Hyarnustar Home of Hallatan, the Sheep-Lord
Meneltarma Pillar of Heaven Arandor The sheer, tall mountain in the centre. Unadorned and revered as a temple to Iluvatar
Nindamos   Hyarrostar Main village of the fishermen of the mouth of the Siril
Nisimaldor   Andustar The land of fragrant Elven trees behind Eldalondë
Nisinen   Mittalmar Lake in the Nunduinë surrounded by fragrant flowers
Noirinan Valley of Tombs Arandor Valley in the southern roots of Meneltarma, where the Kings & Queens were buried
North Cape   Forostar Númenor's sheer, most northerly point
Nunduinë   Mittalmar River flowing west to Eldalondë
Oromet   Andustar Hill near Andunie. Site of a tower built by Tar-Minastir
Rómenna   Arandor The main port of the Númenóreans, facing east. The base of The Faithful in Númenor's latter years
Siril   Mittalmar River flowing south from Noirinan to Nindamos
Sorontil   Forostar Peak on which Tar-Meneldur built an observatory
Tarmasundar Roots of the Pillar Mittalmar Five ridges extending from the base of Meneltarma
Tol Uinen Isle of Uinen Arandor Island in the Bay of Rómenna, raised by Uinen. Site of Aldarion's lighthouse
White House   Emerië Erendis' rural retreat

"The Silmarillion" tells little about the island of the Men of The West.
Most of the information comes from "Unfinished Tales"

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