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The House of Hador


The Folk of Marach

Marach     Leader of the Folk of Marach  
Malach Aradan s. of Marach Led the Folk to Hithlum  
Magor   s. of Malach Led part of the Folk who re-settled south of Ered Wethrin
Imlach   s. of Malach    
Amlach   s. of Imlach Impersonated by Morgoth. Served under Maedhros  
Hathol   s. of Magor    
Hador Lorindol s. of Hathol Head of the House of Hador. Lord of Dor-Lomin Killed in the Dagor Bragollach
m. Gildis      
Galdor   s. of Hador & Gildis The Tall. Lord of Dor-Lomin Killed in the siege of Eithel Sirion
m. Hareth d. of Halmir The Haladin  
Gundor   s. of Hador & Gildis Killed in the Dagor Bragollach
Gloredhel   d. of Hador & Gildis  
m. Haldir s. of Halmir The Haladin  
Continued from Galdor, above
Hurin Thalion s. of Galdor & Hareth Lord of Dor-Lomin. Captured, Nirnaeth Arnoediad. Held at Thangorodrim. Released; met Morwen before she died. Slew Mim, Nargothrond. Took the Nauglamir to Doriath Threw himself into the sea
m. Morwen d. of Baragund Lady of Dor-Lomin   House of Beor Died of grief on Hurin's release
Turin Turambar s. of Hurin & Morwen

Fostered by Thingol. Outlaw, befriended by Beleg, Mablung & Gwindor. Cause of Nargothrond's fall. Slayer of Glaurung.
Neithan  -  The Wronged
Gorthol  -  Dread Helm (of Talath Dirnen)
Agarwaen, son of Umarth  -  Bloodstained, son of Ill-Fate
Adanadhel  -  Elf-Man
Mormegil  -  Black Sword (of Nargothrond)
Turambar  -  Master of Doom
Killed himself with Eol's Black Sword, Cabed-en-Aras
Lalaith   d. of Hurin & Morwen Died aged 3, Hithlum
Nienor Niniel d. of Hurin & Morwen Unwittingly married her brother, Turin Threw herself into Cabed-in-Aras
Continued from Galdor, above
Huor   s. of Galdor & Hareth Killed in the Nirnaeth Arnoediad
m. Rian d. of Belegund m. Huor before the 5th Battle   House of Beor Died of grief
Tuor   s. of Huor & Rian Fostered by Grey-Elves, Mithrim. Brings Ulmo's warning to Turgon Only Man allowed to join the Eldar, Valinor
m. Idril d. of Turgon & Elenwe The Noldor
Earendil The Mariner s. of Tuor & Idril Took Luthien's Silmaril to Valinor Rides Vingilot (Rothinzil) in the sky
m. Elwing d. of Dior & Nimloth Escaped from Doriath with the Silmaril
       The Noldor / House of Beor
Resides in Valinor
Elrond Half-Elven sons of Earendil & Elwing Lord of Imladris Sailed to the West
Elros Half-Elven 1st King of Numenor Mortal. Died in Numenor
  Mariners who sailed with Earendil & Elwing to Aman.   Given a ship to return to Beleriand
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