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The House of The Haladin


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Haldad     Leader of the Haladin, Thargelian Killed by Orcs
Haleth   d. of Haldad Lady of Brethil. Lead the Haladin to Brethil  
Haldar   s. of Haldad   Killed by Orcs with his father
Haldan   s. of Haldar Leader of the Haladin after Haleth, Thargelion  
Halmir   s. of Haldan Leader of the Haladin Died before the 5th Battle
Haldir   s. of Halmir Leader of the Haladin Killed in the Nirnaeth Arnoediad
m. Gloredhel d. of Hador & Gildis House of Hador  
Handir   s. of Haldir & Gloredhel Lord of Brethil Slain by Orcs, Brethil
m. Beldis      
Brandir The Lame   s. of Handir & Beldis Last Lord of Brethil. Loved Nienor Killed by Turin in his madness
Continued from Halmir, above
Hundar   s. of Halmir    
Hareth   d. of Halmir    
m. Galdor s. of Hador & Gildis House of Hador  
Hurin Thalion   s. of Hareth & Galdor House of Hador  
m. Morwen Eledhwen d. of Baragund House of Beor  
Barach     Forester of Brethil; saved by a Drug's watch-stone
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