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Alphabetical List of Men: A-G

Men of the Tribes who entered Beleriand, Numenoreans, the Northern & Southern Dunedain
- The House given is the primary one -
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Adrahil I       Gondor Prince of Dor-en-Ernil. Fought the Wainriders, Battle of the Camp
Adrahil II   s. of Angelimar   Gondor 21st Prince of Dol Amroth. Father of Imrahil & Finduilas
Aerandir       Hador One of Earendil's three fellow-mariners
Aerin       Hador Wed by the Easterling Brodda, Hithlum
Ailinel   d. of Tar-Meneldur   Numenor    
Aldamir   2nd s. of Eldacar   Gondor 23rd King of Gondor  
Aldamire     m. Elendil Gondor Queen of Andunie and Arnor  
Almarien   d. of Veantur m. Tar-Meneldur Numenor    
Amandil   s. of Numendil   Andunie Lord of Andunie Sailed for Valinor
Amlach   s. of Imlach   Hador Served under Maedhros  
Amlaith   s. of Earendur   Arthedain 1st King of Arthedain  
Anardil   s. of Earendil   Gondor 6th King of Gondor  
Anarion   s. of Elendil & Aldamire Gondor 2nd King of Gondor Killed, Siege of Mordor
Angelimar       Gondor 20th Prince of Dol Amroth
Arador   s. of Argonui   Dunedain 14th Chief of the Dunedain  
Araglas   s. of Aragorn   Dunedain 6th Chief of the Dunedain  
Aragorn I   s. of Aravir   Dunedain 5th Chief of the Dunedain Killed by wolves
Aragorn II   s. of Arathorn & Gilraen m. Arwen Dunedain 16th & last Chief of The Dunedain. King of Gondor & Arnor
Aragost   s. of Arahad   Dunedain 8th Chief of the Dunedain  
Arahad I   s. of Araglas   Dunedain 7th Chief of the Dunedain  
Arahad II   s. of Aravorn   Dunedain 10th Chief of the Dunedain  
Arahael   s. of Aranarth   Dunedain 2nd Chief of the Dunedain  
Aranarth   s. of Arvedui & Firiel Dunedain 1st Chief of the Dunedain  
Arantar   s. of Eldacar   Arnor 5th King of Arnor  
Aranuir   s. of Arahael   Dunedain 3rd Chief of the Dunedain  
Araphant   s. of Araval   Arthedain 14th King of Arthedain  
Araphor   s. of Arveleg   Arthedain 9th King of Arthedain  
Arassuil   s. of Arahad   Dunedain 11th Chief of the Dunedain  
Arathorn I   s. of Arassuil   Dunedain 12th Chief of the Dunedain  
Arathorn II   s. of Arador m. Gilraen Dunedain 15th Chief of the Dunedain Killed by Orcs
Aratir   2nd s. of Isildur & Vorondome Arnor  Killed by Orcs, Gladden Fields
Araval   s. of Arveleg   Arthedain 13th King of Arthedain  
Aravir   s. of Aranuir   Dunedain 4th Chief of the Dunedain  
Aravorn   s. of Aragost   Dunedain 9th Chief of the Dunedain  
Arciryas   2nd s. of Telumehtar Gondor    
Argeleb I   s. of Malvegil   Arthedain 7th King of Arthedain  
Argeleb II   s. of Araphor   Arthedain 10th King of Arthedain  
Argonui   s. of Arathorn   Dunedain 13th Chief of the Dunedain  
Artamir   s. of Ondoher   Gondor  Killed fighting Wainriders
Arthad       Beor  Killed with Barahir, Dorthonion
Arvedui   s. of Araphant m. Firiel Arthedain 15th & Last King of Arthedain. Drowned, Bay of Forochel
Arvegil   s. of Argeleb   Arthedain 11th King of Arthedain  
Arveleg I   s. of Argeleb   Arthedain 8th King of Arthedain  
Arveleg II   s. of Arvegil   Arthedain 12th King of Arthedain  
Arwen Undomiel d. of Elrond & Celebrian m. Aragorn II Mortal Queen of Gondor and Arnor Died in Lothlorien
Atanatar I   s. of Turambar   Gondor 10th King of Gondor  
Atanatar II Alcarin s. of Hyarmendacil   Gondor 16th King of Gondor  
Ar-Adunakhor Tar-Herunumen s. of Tar-Ardamin   Numenor 19th King of Numenor  
Ar-Gimilzor Tar-Telemnar s. of Ar-Sakalthor m. Inzilbeth Numenor 22nd King of Numenor. Banned the Eldar from Numenor
Ar-Pharazon Tar-Calion s. of Gimilkhad m. Miriel Numenor 24th and Last King of Numenor Died trying to invade Valinor
Ar-Sakalthor Tar-Falasion s. of Ar-Zimrathon   Numenor 21st King of Numenor  
Ar-Zimrathon Tar-Hostamir s. of Ar-Adunakhor   Numenor 20th King of Numenor  
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Barach       Haladin Forester of the Folk of Haleth; saved by a Drug's watch-stone
Baragund   s. of Bregolas   Beor  Killed with Barahir, Dorthonion
Barahir   s. of Bregor m. Emeldir Beor Saved Finrod. Resisted in Dorthonion Killed, Dorthonion
Baran   s. of Beor   Beor Leader of the House in Estolad  
Beldis     m. Handir Haladin    
Beleg   s. of Amlaith   Arthedain 2nd King of Arthedain  
Belegund   s. of Bregolas   Beor  Killed with Barahir, Dorthonion
Beor The Old, Balan   Beor Head of the House of Beor Died in Nargothrond
Bereg   s. of Boron   Beor Lead a thousand Men south from Beleriand
Beregar     m. Nuneth Numenor Of the House of Beor. Father of Erendis
Beren Erchamion s. of Barahir & Emeldir m. Luthien Beor Took a Silmaril from Morgoth Killed by Carcharoth
Beruthiel     m. Tarannon
Gondor Sea-hating Queen with nine cats used as spies Set adrift with the cats by Tarannon
Bor       Bor Led his people to Beleriand Sons fought against Morgoth
Borlach   s. of Bor   Bor Fought against Morgoth Killed, Nirnaeth Arnoediad
Borlad   s. of Bor   Bor Fought against Morgoth Killed, Nirnaeth Arnoediad
Boromir   s. of Boron   Beor Lord of the People of Beor. 1st Lord of Ladros
Boron   s. of Baran   Beor    
Borthandi   s. of Bor   Bor Fought against Morgoth Killed, Nirnaeth Arnoediad
Brandir The Lame s. of Handir & Beldis Haladin Lord of Brethil. Loved Nienor Killed by Turin
Bregolas   s. of Bregor   Beor Lord of Ladros Killed, Dagor Bragollach
Bregor   s. of Baran   Beor Lord of Ladros  
Brodda       Ulfang Easterling, Hithlum. Married Aerin Slain by Turin
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Calcamil I   2nd s. of Atanatar   Gondor 18th King of Gondor  
Calimehtar   s. of Narmacil   Gondor 30th King of Gondor  
Calimmacil   s. of Arciryas   Gondor    
Castamir The Usurper 2nd s. of Calcamil   Gondor 22nd King of Gondor Slain by Eldacar
Celepharn   s. of Mallor   Arthedain 4th King of Arthedain  
Cemendur   s. of Meneldil   Gondor 4th King of Gondor  
Ciryandil   s. of Earnil   Gondor 14th King of Gondor Killed in battle, Harad
Ciryon   3rd s. of Isildur & Vorondome Arnor  Killed by Orcs, Gladden Fields
Dagnir       Beor  Killed with Barahir, Dorthonion
Dairuin       Beor  Killed with Barahir, Dorthonion
Dior Aranel, Eluchil s. of Beren & Luthien m. Nimloth Beor King of Doriath Killed by Feanor's sons, Menegroth
Dorlas       Hador Woodsman of Brethil Killed by Brandir
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Earendil The Mariner s. of Tuor and Idril m. Elwing Hador Half-Elven. Took a Silmaril to Valinor Rides Vingilot (Rothinzil)
Earendil   s. of Cemendur   Gondor 5th King of Gondor  
Earendur   Heir of Valandil   Andunie 15th Lord of Andunie  
Earendur   s. of Elendur   Arnor 10th & Last King of Arnor  
Earnil I   s. of Tarciryan   Gondor 13th King of Gondor Lost in a storm off Umbar
Earnil II   s. of Siriondil   Gondor 32nd King of Gondor  
Earnur   s. of Earnil   Gondor 33rd King of Gondor. Fought the Witch-King of Angmar Killed by the Lord of the Nazgul
Eilinel     m. Gorlim Beor   Killed, Dagor Bragollach
Elatan     m. Silmarien Andunie Nobleman of Andunie  
Eldacar Vinitharya s. of Valacar & Vidumavi Gondor 21st King of Gondor - Deposed by Castimir
Eldacar   s. of Valandil   Arnor 4th King of Arnor  
Eldarion   s. of Aragorn & Arwen Dunedain 12th King of Arnor / 35th of Gondor  
Elendil The Tall s. of Amandil m. Aldamire Andunie Lord of Andunie. Founder of Arnor Killed, Siege of Mordor
Elendur   1st s. of Isildur & Vorondome Arnor  Killed by Orcs, Gladden Fields
Elendur   s. of Valandur   Arnor 9th King of Arnor  
Elros Tar-Minyatur s. of Earendil & Elwing Numenor 1st King of Numenor  
Elured Eluchil s. of Dior & Nimloth Beor Thingol's Heir Killed by Feanor's sons, Menegroth
Elurin   s. of Dior & Nimloth Beor  Killed by Feanor's sons, Menegroth
Elwing   d. of Dior & Nimloth m. Earendil Hador Escaped from Doriath with a Silmaril Resides in Valinor
Emeldir The Man-Hearted m. Barahir Beor Led the women and children out of Dorthonion
Erellont       Hador One of Earendil's three fellow-mariners
Erendis Tar-Elestirne d. of Beregar & Nuneth m. Tar-Aldarion Numenor Lady of Andustar/Emerie. Estranged wife Died 'in water', Romenna
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Falathar       Hador One of Earendil's three fellow-mariners
Faramir   s. of Ondoher   Gondor  Killed fighting Wainriders
Finduilas   d. of Adrahil II m. Denethor Gondor Princess of Dol Amroth Died early
Firiel   d. of Ondoher m. Arvedui Gondor Re-united the Northern / Southern Dunedain
Galador   s. of Imrazôr & Mithrellas Gondor 1st Prince of Dol Amroth  
Galdor The Tall s. of Hador & Gildis m. Hareth Hador Lord of Dor-Lomin Killed, siege of Eithel Sirion
Gildor       Beor  Killed with Barahir, Dorthonion
Gilmith   d. of Imrazôr & Mithrellas Gondor    
Gilraen     m. Arathorn Dunedain Mother of Aragorn Died in Eriador
Gimilkhad   s. of Ar-Gimilzor & Inzilbeth Numenor Led the opposition to Tar-Palantir Died with Ar-Pharazon
Gloredhel   d. of Hador & Gildis m. Haldir Hador    
Gorlim   s. of Angrim m. Eilenel Beor One of Barahir's band, Dorthonion Killed by Sauron
Gundor   s. of Hador & Gildis Hador   Killed, Dagor Bragollach
See the note on sources for the Numenoreans
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