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Alphabetical List of Men: H-Z

Men of the Tribes who entered Beleriand, Numenoreans, the Northern & Southern Dunedain
- The House given is the primary one -
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Hador Lorindol s. of Hathol m. Gildis Hador Head, House of Hador. Lord of Dor-Lomin Killed, Dagor Bragollach
Haldad       Haladin Leader of the Haladin, Thargelion Killed by Orcs
Haldan   s. of Haldar   Haladin Leader of the Haladin, Thargelion
Haldar   s. of Haldad   Haladin   Killed by Orcs
Haldir   s. of Halmir m. Gloredhel Haladin Leader of the Haladin Killed, Nirnaeth Arnoediad
Haleth Lady of Brethil d. of Haldad   Haladin Lead the Haladin to Brethil  
Halmir   s. of Haldan   Haladin Leader of the Haladin Died before the 5th Battle
Hallacar   s. of Hallatan m. Tar-Ancalime Numenor    
Hallatan   Descendent of Vardamir Numenor Sheep-Lord of Hyarastorni, cousin of Tar-Aldarion
Handir   s. of Haldir & Gloredhel m. Beldis Haladin Lord of Brethil Slain by Orcs, Brethil
Hareth   d. of Halmir m. Galdor Haladin    
Hathaldir       Beor   Killed with Barahir, Dorthonion
Hathol   s. of Magor   Hador    
Henderch     Numenor Of Andustar. A Venturer  
Herucalmo Tar-Anducal   m. Tar-Vanimelde Numenor Took the throne on his wife's death
Hundar   s. of Halmir   Haladin    
Hunthor       Haladin   Killed helping Turin slay Glaurung
Huor   s. of Galdor & Hareth m. Rian Hador   Killed, Nirnaeth Arnoediad
Hurin Thalion s. of Galdor & Hareth m. Morwen Hador Lord of Dor-Lomin. Captured, Nirnaeth Arnoediad Threw himself into the sea
Hyarmendacil I Ciryahir s. of Ciryandil   Gondor 15th King of Gondor. Last Ship-King  
Hyarmendacil II Vinyarion s. of Aldamir   Gondor 24th King of Gondor  
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Ibal   s. of Ulbar   Numenor Shepherd-boy, Emerie  
Imlach   s. of Malach   Hador    
Imrahil   s. of Adrahil II   Gondor Prince of Dol Amroth
Imrazôr     m. Mithrellas Gondor Prince of Dor-en-Ernil  
Inzilbeth   d. of Lindorie m. Ar-Gimilzor Andunie Forced to wed Ar-Gimilzor  
Isildur   s. of Elendil & Aldamire m. Vorondome Gondor
1st King of Gondor. Cut The One Ring from Sauron's hand
2nd King of Arnor
Killed by Orcs,
Gladden Fields
Isimo   s. of Tar-Surion   Numenor    
Lalaith   d. of Hurin & Morwen Hador   Died aged 3, Hithlum
Lindorie   Sister of Earendur   Andunie Mother of Inzilbeth  
Lorgan   Ulfang Chief of the survivors of the tribe of Ulfang, Hithlum Died in the War of Wrath
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Magor   s. of Malach   Hador Led part of the Folk, south of Ered Wethrin
Malach Aradan s. of Marach   Hador Led the Folk to Hithlum  
Mallor   s. of Beleg   Arthedain 3rd King of Arthedain  
Malvegil   s. of Celepharn   Arthedain 6th King of Arthedain  
Marach       Hador Leader of the Folk of Marach  
Meneldil   s. of Anarion   Gondor 3rd King of Gondor  
Minardil   s. of Hyarmendacil   Gondor 25th King of Gondor Killed by Corsairs
Minastan   2nd s. of Minardil   Gondor    
Miriel Ar-Zimraphel d. of Tar-Palantir m. Ar-Pharazon Numenor Queen. Forced to wed Ar-Pharazon Died in Numenor's downfall
Morwen Eledhwen d. of Baragund m. Hurin Hador Lady of Dor-Lomin Died of grief after Hurin's release
Narmacil I   1st s. of Atanatar   Gondor 17th King of Gondor  
Narmacil II   1st s. of Telumehtar   Gondor 29th King of Gondor  
Nienor Niniel d. of Hurin & Morwen Hador Married her brother, Turin Died in Cabed-in-Aras
Numendil   Grandson of Earendur Andunie Lord of Andunie  
Nuneth     m. Beregar Numenor Of the House of Beor. Mother of Erendis
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Ondoher   s. of Calimehtar   Gondor 31st King of Gondor Killed by Wainriders
Orchaldor     m. Ailinel Numenor    
Ornendil   1st s. of Eldacar   Gondor   Killed by Castamir
Ostoher   s. of Anardil   Gondor 7th King of Gondor  
Radhruin       Beor Killed with Barahir, Dorthonion
Ragnor       Beor Killed with Barahir, Dorthonion
Rian   d. of Belegund m. Huor Hador m. Huor before the 5th Battle Died of grief
Romendacil I Tarostar s. of Ostoher   Gondor 8th King of Gondor  
Romendacil II Minalcar 1st s. of Calcamil   Gondor 19th King of Gondor  
Silmarien   d. of Tar-Elendil   Numenor Mother of Valandil, 1st Lord of Andunie
Siriondil   s. of Atanatar   Gondor 11th King of Gondor  
Siriondil   s. of Calimmacil   Gondor    
Soronto   s. of Ailinel & Orchaldor Numenor    
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Tarandor   s. of Tarcil   Arnor 7th King of Arnor  
Tarannon Falastur 1st s. of Siriondil m. Beruthiel Gondor 12th King of Gondor. First Ship-King
Tarcil   s. of Arantar   Arnor 6th King of Arnor  
Tarciryan   2nd s. of Siriondil Gondor    
Tarondor   s. of Minastan   Gondor 27th King of Gondor  
Telemnar   1st s. of Minardil   Gondor 26th King of Gondor Died in The Plague
Telumehtar Umbardacil s. of Tarondor   Gondor 28th King of Gondor  
Tuor   s. of Huor & Rian m. Idril Hador Ulmo's messenger to Turgon Joined the Eldar
Turambar   s. of Tarostar   Gondor 9th King of Gondor  
Turin Turambar s. of Hurin & Morwen Hador Fostered by Thingol. An outlaw Killed himself, Cabed-en-Aras
Tar-Alcarin   s. of Tar-Vanimelde & Herucalmo Numenor 17th King of Numenor  
Tar-Aldarion Anardil s.of Tar-Meneldur m. Erendis Numenor 6th King of Numenor. Mariner. Friend of Gil-Galad
Tar-Amandil   s. of Vardamir   Numenor 3rd King of Numenor  
Tar-Anarion   s. of Tar-Ancalime & Hallacar Numenor 8th King of Numenor  
Tar-Ancalime   d. of Tar-Aldarion & Erendis m. Hallacar Numenor 1st Queen / 7th Ruler of Numenor
Tar-Ancamilon   s. of Tar-Atanamir   Numenor 14th King of Numenor  
Tar-Anducal Herucalmo m. Tar-Vanimelde Numenor Took the throne on his wife's death
Tar-Ardamin Ar-Abattarik s. of Tar-Calcamil   Numenor King of Numenor   (Uncounted)
Tar-Atanamir   s. of Tar-Ciryatin   Numenor 13th King of Numenor  
Tar-Calcamil Ar-Belzager s. of Tar-Alcarin   Numenor 18th King of Numenor  
Tar-Ciryatin   s. of Tar-Minastir   Numenor 12th King of Numenor  
Tar-Elendil Parmaite s. of Tar-Amandil   Numenor 4th King of Numenor  
Tar-Meneldur Irimon s. of Tar-Elendil m. Almarien Numenor 5th King of Numenor  
Tar-Minastir   s. of Isimo Numenor 11th King of Numenor. Aided Gil-Galad
Tar-Palantir Ar-Inziladun s. of Ar-Gimilzor & Inzilbeth Numenor 23rd King of Numenor. Restored faith in the Valar
Tar-Surion   s. of Tar-Anarion   Numenor 9th King of Numenor  
Tar-Telemmaite   s. of Tar-Ancamilon   Numenor 15th King of Numenor  
Tar-Telperien   d. of Tar-Surion   Numenor 2nd Queen / 10th Ruler of Numenor
Tar-Vanimelde   d. of Tar-Telemmaite m. Herucalmo Numenor 3rd Queen / 16th Ruler of Numenor
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Ulbar       Numenor Shepherd of Emerie, turned Venturer
Uldor   s. of Ulfang   Ulfang Betrayed the Eldar. Killed, Nirnaeth Arnoediad
Ulfang       Ulfang Led his people to Beleriand. Sons fought for Morgoth
Ulfast   s. of Ulfang   Ulfang   Betrayed the Eldar. Killed, Nirnaeth Arnoediad
Ulwarth   s. of Ulfang   Ulfang   Betrayed the Eldar. Killed, Nirnaeth Arnoediad
Urthel       Beor   Killed with Barahir, Dorthonion
Valacar   s. of Minalcar m. Vidumavi Gondor 20th King of Gondor. Cause of the Kinstrife
Valandil   s. of Silmarien & Elatan Andunie 1st Lord of Andunie  
Valandil   4th s. of Isildur & Vorondome Arnor 3rd King of Arnor  
Valandur   s. of Tarandor   Arnor 8th King of Arnor  
Vardamir Noliman s. of Elros   Numenor 2nd King of Numenor  
Veantur       Numenor Captain of Ships under Tar-Elendil. Reached Mithlond in SA600. Grandfather of Tar-Aldarion
Vidumavi   d. of Vidugavia m. Valacar Gondor From the Northmen  
Vorondome     m. Isildur Arnor    
Zamin       Numenor Servant at the White House, Emerie
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