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The Numenoreans


Kings of Numenor and Lords of Andunie

Kings of Numenor

Elros Tar-Minyatur s. of Earendil and Elwing 1st King of Numenor Died in SA 442 aged 500
Vardamir Nolimon s. of Elros 2nd King of Numenor. Did not reign; passed the throne to his son
Tar-Amandil   s. of Vardamir 3rd King of Numenor  
Tar-Elendil Parmaite s. of Tar-Amandil 4th King of Numenor  
Silmarien   d. of Tar-Elendil
m. Elatan of Andunie
Could not succeed as Queen. Mother of Valandil, 1st Lord of Andunie
Tar-Meneldur Irimon s. of Tar-Elendil
m. Almarien
5th King of Numenor
d. of Veantur, Captain of Ships
   Ailinel   d. of Tar-Meneldur
m. Orchaldor
Mother of Soronto  
Tar-Aldarion Anardil s. of Tar-Meneldur
m. Erendis
6th King of Numenor. Mariner and friend of Gil-Galad
d. of Beregar of the House of Beor
   Soronto   s. of Ailinel and Orchaldor Bypassed due to a change in the Succession Law
Tar-Ancalime   d. of Tar-Aldarion and Erendis
m. Hallacar
1st Queen / 7th Ruler of Numenor. Wilful. Ruled for 205 years
Tar-Anarion   s. of Tar-Ancalime 8th King of Numenor  
Tar-Surion   s. of Tar-Anarion 9th King of Numenor  
Tar-Telperien   d. of Tar-Surion 2nd Queen / 10th Ruler of Numenor. Did not marry
   Isimo   s. of Tar-Surion    
Tar-Minastir   s. of Isimo 11th King of Numenor. Sent help to Gil-Galad
Tar-Ciryatin   s. of Tar-Minastir 12th King of Numenor. Started the growth of Numenor as an empire
Tar-Atanamir   s. of Tar-Ciryatin 13th King of Numenor. First King not to abdicate before his death
Tar-Ancamilon   s. of Tar-Atanamir 14th King of Numenor  
Tar-Telemmaite   s. of Tar-Ancamilon 15th King of Numenor  
Tar-Vanimelde   d. of Tar-Telemmaite
m. Herucalmo
3rd Queen / 16th Ruler of Numenor. A neglectful ruler
   Herucalmo Tar-Anducal m. Vanimelde Seized the throne on his wife's death. Ruled for 10 years. Not counted as a King
Tar-Alcarin   s. of Vanimelde and Herucalmo 17th King of Numenor  
Tar-Calcamil Ar-Belzager s. of Tar-Alcarin 18th King of Numenor. Extended the mainland empire
Tar-Ardamin Ar-Abattarik s. of Tar-Calcamil King of Numenor  
Ar-Adunakhor Tar-Herunumen s. of Tar-Ardamin 19th King of Numenor  
Ar-Zimrathon Tar-Hostamir s. of Ar-Adunakhor 20th King of Numenor  
Ar-Sakalthor Tar-Falassion s. of Ar-Zimrathon 21st King of Numenor  
Ar-Gimilzor Tar-Telemnar s. of Ar-Sakalthor
m. Inzilbeth of Andunie
22nd King of Numenor. Forced Inzilbeth to wed him. Broke all links with the Eldar
Tar-Palantir Ar-Inziladun s. of Ar-Gimilzor and Inzilbeth 23rd King of Numenor. Returned to faith in the Valar
   Gimilkhad   s. of Ar-Gimilzor and Inzilbeth Led the opposition to his brother Died with Ar-Pharazon
   Miriel Ar-Zimraphel d. of Tar-Palantir
m. Ar-Pharazon
Rightful Queen. Forced to wed Ar-Pharazon Died in Numenor's downfall
Ar-Pharazon Tar-Calion s. of Gimilkhad 24th and Last King of Numenor Died trying to invade Valinor
  Numenor overthrown  

Lords of Andunie

  m. Silmarien
d. of Tar-Elendil
Nobleman of Andunie  
Continuation of the Line of Elros
Valandil   s. of Silmarien and Elatan 1st Lord of Andunie  
  Heirs of Valandil Lords of Andunie   -   "The Faithful"  
Earendur     15th Lord of Andunie, during Ar-Gimilzor's rule
   Lindorie   Sister of Earendur    
   Inzilbeth   d. of Lindorie Forced to wed Ar-Gimilzor, 22nd King of Numenor
   ?   s. of Earendur 16th Lord of Andunie  
Numendil   Grandson of Earendur 17th Lord of Andunie, during Tar-Palantir's rule
Amandil   s. of Numendil 18th Lord of Andunie, during Ar-Pharazon's reign Sailed for Valinor to plead for Numenor
Elendil The Tall s. of Amandil
m. Aldamire
19th and Last Lord of Andunie. Led the Faithful from Numenor. Founder of Arnor/Gondor.
      Killed at the siege of Barad-Dur.   .   .   .   .   . Continuation of the Line of Elros  .   .   .   .   .
  s. of Elendil
and Aldamire
  2nd King of Arnor
2nd King of Gondor
  Numenor overthrown. The Line of Kings continues in The Dunedain  
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The Lord of The Rings, "Appendix A"     and     Unfinished Tales, "The Line of Elros"
(See Unfinished Tales for notes on discrepancies)

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