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Other Names and Terms in The Silmarillion

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For stars etc see also Celestial Bodies
Aghan   Druadan leech who gave Barach a protective watch-stone
Ainulindale   The Music of The Ainur
Alcarinque   A star made by Varda Elentari
Alcarondas   Ar-Pharazon's flagship
Anar Vasa, Heart of Fire The Sun. The fruit of Laurelin, guided by Arien
Anarrima   A constellation made by Varda Elentari
Ancalgon The Black Dragon, slain by Eärendil in the War of Wrath
Anfauglir Carcharoth Great wolf of Angband
Angainor   Aule's chain which bound Melkor
Anglachel Gurthang Elwe's sword, made by Eol, given to Beleg then reforged for Turin
Angrist Iron Cleaver Knife from Nogrod used by Beren to prise a Silmaril from Morgoth's crown
Anguirel   Eol's sword, also of black meteoric iron
Azaghal   Dwarf-Lord of Belegost. Killed by Glaurung, Nirnaeth Arnoediad
Balrogs Valaraukar Spirits of Fire who became adherents of Melkor. Most perished in the War of Wrath
Ban of The Valar   Law imposed on the Numenoreans that they should not try to sail to Aman
Battles of Beleriand
-     First War of Arda
-     Battle of the Powers
The Valar drive Melkor out of Arda
The Valar attack Utumno and enchain Melkor
  1. The First Battle
  2. The Second Battle
  3. The Third Battle
  4. The Fourth Battle
  5. The Fifth Battle
  6. Battle of Tumhalad
  7. Battle of Tumladen
  8. The Great Battle
Dagor Aglareb
Dagor Bragollach
Nirnaeth Arnoediad
Fought between Orcs and Teleri/Nandor
The Battle Under The Stars
The Glorious Battle
The Battle of Sudden Flame
The Battle of Unumbered Tears
Prelude to the Sack of Nargothrond
The Fall of Gondolin
The War of Wrath
Bliss of Valinor   The period between the flowering of the Two Trees and their destruction
Carcharoth Red Maw, Anfauglir Wolf of Angband, offspring of Draugluin. Took Beren's hand. Killed and killed by Huan
Carnil   A star made by Varda Elentari
Celeborn   Seedling of Galathilion, planted on Tol Eressea
Count of Time   For the Valar this began with the first flowering of Telperion
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Dagor Aglareb Glorious Battle The third Battle of Beleriand
Dagor Bragollach Battle of Sudden Flame The fourth Battle of Beleriand
Dagor Dagorath The Last Battle The final battle between Good and Evil, yet to come
Dagor-nuin-Giliath Battle under The Stars The second Battle of Beleriand
Doom of The Noldor Curse of Mandos Judgement that ill would befall all who followed Feanor out of Aman. In particular, that the Oath of Feanor would bring misfortune to the oath-takers
Dragons Uruloki Fire-drakes bred by Morgoth in Angband
Draugluin   Great werewolf. Mortally wounded by Huan, Tol-in-Gaurhoth
Druedain Drugs The ill-fated fourth tribe of Elendili, who settled in Brethil (see Migrations of Men). Feared by orcs as the Oghor-hai
Drugs Druedain See Druedain, above
Earrame Sea-Wing Ship built by Tuor to carry him and Idril West
Eldar   Name of the Valar for the Vanyar, Noldor and Teleri who marched West
Elemmire   A star made by Varda Elentari
Epessë Nickname Name by which an Elf is usually called, most often referring to a personal or physical attribute
Galadhrim Tree People The tree-dwelling Silvan Elves of Lorien
Galathilion   Tree made by Yavanna in the likeness of Telperion, planted on Tuna
Gil-Estel Star of Hope Vingilot, carrying Earendil with a Silmaril in the sky
Glaurung Father of Dragons The first of Morgoth's fire-drakes. Wounded by Azaghal; killed by Turin
Gothmog   A Balrog. Morgoth's commander in battle. Slain by Ecthelion, Gondolin
Grond   The Hammer of the Underworld - Morgoth's weapon in combat with Fingolfin
Gurthang Anglachel Elwe's sword, made by Eol, given to Beleg then reforged for Turin
Gwaith-i-Mirdain   Celebrimbor's People of the Jewelsmiths, at Ost-in-Edhil, Eregion
Helluin   Bright blue star set aloft by Varda
Hirilorn   Mighty beech in Doriath, in which Luthien was kept
Hither Lands Middle-earth The land to the east of Aman and the Belegaer
Huan   Hound of Valinor, given to Celegorm by Orome. Befriended Luthien; slew Draugluin; killed and killed by Carcharoth
Ibun s. of Mim Petty-Dwarf. Killed by Orcs (?)
Illuin   The northern Lamp of the Valar
Ilmen   The sky, below the stars
Isil Rana, The Wayward The Moon. The flower of Telperion, guided by Tilion
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Kelvar   The fauna of Middle-earth, created by Yavanna Kementari
Khim s. of Mim Petty-Dwarf. Killed by Turin's outlaws, Amon Rudh
Lamps of The Valar Illuin in the north and Ormal in the south
Laurelin   The second of the Two Trees of Valinor. Golden light
Lords of The West The Valar
Luinil   A star made by Varda Elentari
Lumbar   A star made by Varda Elentari
Menelcamar   A constellation made by Varda Elentari
Mim   Last of the Petty-Dwarves. Killed by Hurin Thalion, Nargothrond
Nahar   The great white horse of Orome
Nenar   A star made by Varda Elentari
Nimloth White Tree Seedling of Celeborn, planted in Numenor
Nirnaeth Arnoediad Battle of Unumbered Tears The fifth Battle of Beleriand
Oghor-hai Drugs Orc name for the Druedain
Olvar   The flora of Middle-earth, created by Yavanna Kementari
Ormal   The southern Lamp of the Valar
Outer Lands   The land mass of Middle-earth and beyond to the east and south
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Petty Dwarves Noegyth Nibin The first Dwarves in Beleriand, having been banished from the east. Persecuted initially by Elves; dwindled in numbers and stature. The first delvers at Nargothrond, then Amon Rudh. Died out on Mim's death.
Quendi The Talkers The name Elves gave themselves, as nought else was perceived to speak when they first awoke
Quenya High-Elvish The language of the Noldor, banned in Beleriand by Elwe, but used for formal records and tales, and among the Noldor in private
Ring of Barahir   Ring given by Finrod to Barahir in gratitude and as a sign of friendship between the Elves and Edain. Passed down by the Kings of the Line of Elros
Ringil   The sword of Fingolfin
Rochallor   Fingolfin's war-horse
Shepherds of The Trees Spirits who look after and speak for the trees and other flora (The Onodrim/Ents)
Silmarils   Three harder-than-diamond gems made by Feanor, holding the radiance of the Two Trees
Sindarin The language of the Sindar, adopted by Elves thoughout Beleriand for common use
Soronume   A constellation made by Varda Elentari
Spring of Arda   The period under the light of the Two Lamps, before Melkor's arrival
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Tareldar High-Elves The Elves of Aman; those who live or had lived there. (See also Elf-Lords of the Third Age)
Telperion   The first of the Two Trees of Valinor. Silver light
Telumendil   A constellation made by Varda Elentari
The Two Trees Telperion and Laurelin - silver and golden radiance
Thorondor   King of Eagles. Greatest of all birds, with a wingspan of 30 fathoms (180')
Thuringwethil   Sauron's messenger, a vampire bat
Turin's assumed names Neithan  -  The Wronged
Gorthol  -  Dread Helm (of Talath Dirnen)
Agarwaen, son of Umarth  -  Bloodstained, son of Ill-Fate
Adanadhel  -  Elf-Man
Mormegil  -  Black Sword (of Nargothrond)
Turambar  -  Master of Doom
Ungoliant   A Spirit of lust and avarice. Took shape as a spider, hid in Avathar then Nan Dungortheb. Helped Melkor steal the Silmarils
Uruloki Fire-drakes Dragons bred by Morgoth in Angband
Valacirca Sickle of the Valar Seven-starred constellation, placed by Varda in the northern sky as a reminder to Melkor of the power of the Valar
Valaraukar Balrogs Spirits of Fire who became adherents of Melkor. Most perished in the War of Wrath
Valaroma   Orome's horn
Venturers   The Numenorean Mariners' League, founded by Aldarion
Vingilot Rothinzil Foam-Flower. Earendil's ship, built with Cirdan in Sirion
War of Wrath Great Battle Final Battle of Beleriand. The Host of the Valar (including Vanyar) invade Beleriand, destroy Thangorodrim and Angband, and expel Melkor into the void. Unfortunately Sauron, some Uruloki and the odd Valarauka survive, whilst Beleriand does not
Wilmarin   A constellation made by Varda Elentari
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For stars etc see also Celestial Bodies

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