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Pre-First Age

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Although the Count of Time begins in this period, the First Age is not reckoned to start until the rising of the Sun.
The First War of Arda Fought between the Valar and Melkor, before Arda is complete. Tulkas arrives and drives him out.
The Lamps of The Valar Wrought by Aule, filled by Varda. Illuin in the North, Ormal in the South. The Spring of Arda begins.
Return of Melkor Melkor builds Utumno in the north, then destroys Illuin and Ormal. End of the Spring of Arda. With Almaren destroyed, the Valar remove to Aman and build Valinor
The Two Trees Telperion and Laurelin are created at the gate of Valinor upon Ezellohar from the tears of Nienna and the song of Yavanna. The Count of Time begins.
Creation of The Dwarves The Dwarves are created by Aule before the Quendi and Atani. Their Seven Fathers are scattered to await awakening.
Angband Melkor builds Angband (commanded by Sauron), while the Valar complete the preparation of Arda.
Creation of The Stars
Awakening of The Firstborn
The stars are created by Varda from the vats of Telperion to illuminate the darkness of Arda and enable the Firstborn to see. As the new stars rise, so the Elves awake by Cuivenen, in the East
Battle of The Powers
Enchaining of Melkor
The Valar attack Melkor to protect the Elves. Utumno is besieged and broken. Melkor is captured by Tulkas, taken to Aman in chains and imprisoned in Mandos for three Valarian ages (300 years).
The Summons of The Valar
Sundering of The Elves
Orome takes Ingwe, Finwe and Elwe to Valinor to receive the Summons. The Great Journey of the Elves begins. Some Elves refuse to follow Orome west. Ingwe's folk go straight to Valinor. Finwe's followers also go to Aman. The followers of Elwe and Olwe - the largest host - tarry. Some arrive in Aman.   (See Migrations of the Elves)
Arrival of the Dwarves The first dwarves cross the Ered Luin into Beleriand, having awoken and delved Halls in the Ered Luin. Building of Menegroth for Thingol in Doriath
Melkor released
Creation of The Silmarils
Melkor, confined still to Valinor, "befriends" the Noldor.
Feanor captures the Light of The Trees.
Banishment of Feanor Feanor is banished from Tirion. He and Finwe establish Formenos.
Escape of Melkor
Darkening of Valinor
The hunted Melkor joins Ungoliant in Avathar. They fell the Two Trees. Melkor kills Finwe and steals the Silmarils. They escape to Middle-earth - Melkor to Angband, Ungoliant to Nan Dungortheb. Angband is rebuilt, fortified by the Towers of Thangorodrim, 150 leagues (450 miles) north of Menegroth.
Flight of the Noldor
Oath of Feanor
The Kinslaying
Feanor refuses to give the Silmarils to Yavanna to rekindle the Light of The Trees, then discovers what Melkor has done and urges the Noldor to leave. He and his sons take the Oath to regain the Silmarils at whatever cost. Feanor instigates the Kinslaying of the Teleri in Alqualonde to get their ships.
1st Battle of Beleriand Orcs besiege Thingol. The Elves of Ossiriand are decimated at Amon Ereb. The Dwarves join the Elves. The Girdle of Melian is set around Eglador / Doriath.
The Doom of the Noldor
The Prophecy of the North
Mandos tells the fleeing Noldor that the Wrath of the Valar will be upon all who follow Feanor. The Feanorians shall be The Dispossessed.   He also warns that The Oath of Feanor will drive the Oath-takers to destruction. Finarfin returns to Tirion, but his children continue, as do Fingolfin and family.
Elwë resents the return of the Noldor and many Sindar blame them throughout the First Age for bringing war to Beleriand. The onslaught of Morgoth against Elves in fact begins before the arrival of the Noldor, who take no part in the 1st Battle of Beleriand. Other Grey-Elves initially welcome the Noldor, who fight the 2nd Battle and thereafter defend Beleriand without help from Doriath.
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