BobMoCo Middle-earth Glossary

Celestial Bodies of Arda


Stars and Constellations

Alcarinquë The Glorious   A Star
Anar The Fire-Golden Vása (Heart of Fire) The Sun - The fruit of Laurelin, guided by Arien
Anarríma     A Constellation
Carnil     A red Star
Elemmírë     A Star
Gil-Estel Star of Hope   Vingilot (Eärendil carrying a Silmaril in the sky)
Helluin     Bright blue star (Sirius)
Isil The Sheen Rána (The Wayward) The Moon - The flower of Telperion, guided by Tilion
Luinil     A blue Star
Lumbar     A Star
Menelcamar Swordsman of the Sky A Constellation (Orion)
Nénar     A Star
Soronúmë     A Constellation
Telumendil     A Constellation
Valacirca Sickle of the Valar Seven-starred constellation, placed in the northern sky as a reminder to Melkor of the power of the Valar
Wilmarin     A Constellation
The stars and constellations were made by Varda Elentári, who placed them in the lower levels of Ilmen, the region above the sky

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